Senior Software Engineer (Ruby on Rails)
Pune, India

We’re looking for passionate engineers who want to work on core product development for US-based product companies. The domains include enterprise SaaS, cloud technologies and data engineering.


  • Developing intelligent and scalable applications and software while doing core product development
  • Working on high/low-level product designs & roadmaps along with a team of ace developers
  • Primarily code in Ruby or use Ruby on Rails framework for app development
  • Working as part of our startup studio on some of the most complex challenges faced by startups and the entire business world today like building highly scalable web applications, web scraping systems, real-time streaming systems, distributed infrastructure, auto-scaling/self-healing resources, complex ETL systems
  • Leverage cloud platforms like AWS or GCP

Experience: 3 - 5 years


  • Strong Experience in Ruby and web frameworks like Ruby on Rails
  • Experience with Chef & Capistrano will be a plus
  • Should have good knowledge and work experience in REST API implementations, JSON format handling, rails cache, sessions, multi-threading, etc.
  • Must have experience in developing RoR controllers, helpers and integrating with some of the popular gems (such as devise, pundit, etc)
  • Should have sound experience in developing scalable / distributed SaaS apps
  • Should be able to handle server side/client side, RDBMS , NoSQL , MySQL, distributed task managers and message queues
  • Strong understanding of database fundamentals and designing database schemas
  • AWS experience
  • A strong foundation in computer science, with strong competencies in data structures, algorithms, and software design
  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or Engineering

How to apply:
Send in your resumes at with the following details in the email copy:
- When can you join? 
- Are you based out of Pune?
- Years of relevant experience

Please use this format for the Subject line: Resume for <job title>  

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