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Career Path

Backend Engineers at Velotio

A Backend Engineer works with the architecture, design, and development of a website or application's backend. Responsible for building and maintaining the databases, server software, and network infrastructure, they ensure that applications run smoothly. As a Backend Engineer at Velotio, you will work with the latest technologies to design, develop, and maintain enterprise software and SaaS web applications used by thousands of customers.

Projects Delivered
 Backend Engineers
Tools Used

About Backend Team

At Velotio, we have a close-knit team of geeks, architects and leads who are passionate about building incredible products using a modern web-app engineering stack — all while shaping the architecture, tools, and processes for the team.

If you are looking to work with skilled and awesome peers on path-breaking digital products - join our team!

A week in the life of Velotio's Backend Engineers

As a Backend Engineer, your key responsibilities will be to design & build highly scalable, high-performance, responsive web applications. You will be working closely with designers, front-end engineers, founders, and product managers to understand the requirements and suggest the right frameworks and algorithms if required.

The backend team kicks off their week with a short meeting to assess last week’s progress. The goal is to understand what has been accomplished, what needs to be done, and what problems the team is facing. The outcome of the meeting is to have a concrete plan that everyone can execute.

Your typical week would involve developing new APIs, maintaining and improving existing ones, and conducting dev tests. You will also need to collaborate on design documents, translate requirements, designs, and wireframes into high-quality code, and contribute to architectural discussions.

You might need to attend daily sync-ups with your team and a couple of meetings with clients to share updates and raise/resolve blockers. You would have the flexibility to manage your work hours to sync up with your team and clients and complete your deliverables comfortably.

Aside from working on projects, you can also work on internal tasks, such as designing documents, sharing knowledge via our tech talks, engineering blogs, and Velotio wiki, and helping with interviews.

Data Engineer

Experience - 1-3 years

  • Develop data processing pipelines
  • Build data-powered applications
Coordinate with clients, senior members, and tech leads.

Senior Data Engineer

Experience - 3-6 years

  • Contribute to application design and requirement gatherings
  • Help in peer review and mentoring junior engineers
Coordinate with clients and tech leads

Data Engineer - Tech Lead

6+ years

  • Gather requirement and design system architecture from scratch
  • Interact with senior members or product managers from the client-side
  • Responsible for assigning tasks, reviewing work, and managing end-to-end system deliverables
Coordinate with senior member from the client-side and internal team

Rundown of the tools we use

Velotio provides a culture that prioritises individual development and focuses on employees' growth & learning. It's been an incredible 5 years journey from SE to SSE to Lead. I have not only learned about my own domain but there has also been a lot of cross-functional learning which helped me acquire new skills. Mutual trust and bonds between all levels of employees create an energetic work environment where one can easily share new ideas and I have never felt there was a shortage of support at any time. 

Ishan Khanduja

I love Velotio’s open work culture, learning opportunities, and complex projects with cutting-edge tech stacks. The best thing about Velotio is its employees, we are all hard-working and passionate about what we do which really shows in our performance and output. 

Shreyas Ponkshe

The things that I love about my job include the people I work with and the freedom to create a way of working that proves to be best for me as well as my team. At Velotio, there isn’t anyone who micro-manages instead there are mentors who can guide and help achieve professional as well personal goals. Moreover, being treated equally helps create a collaborative environment which motivates people to work better.

Prakash Thete

Trusted by enterprises and high-growth startups worldwide

Life at Velotio

Deep dive into our empowered and autonomous work culture

The Velotio Culture Book offers an inside view of our team, our values, and everything we believe in. You’ll get to know all about how we work and grow together.

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Elevate- Our Biggest Internal Tech Conference

Velotio Elevate is an annual internal tech conference where passionate people come together to exchange knowledge, share expertise, and uplift minds. The event features multiple talks and sessions on various cutting-edge technologies, team building games, and super-fun stand-up shows.

Learn more

Velotio Tech Talks

Monthly tech discussions led by our internal tech experts. This acts a great forum to stay updated on everything cool and new in the field of technology and innovation.

Velotio After Hours

Twice a week, we all get together (virtually) to discuss non-work, non-tech things. We talk about movies, comics, sports, fitness, mental health, music, finances and more.

Game of Hackathon

We often organize Hackathons that inject a lot of positive energy and innovation into our work culture and make collaborations more effective. Such events encourage our team to challenge themselves and come up with the great ideas and technical solutions.

Kubernetes Ignite

Kubernetes Ignite is an initiative to build a thriving community of professionals who are looking to network and gain knowledge about Kubernetes and its surrounding ecosystem.

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