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Accelerate Your Media and Streaming Product Development

With our focused media domain expertise and end-user centric mindset, you get optimized Audio/Video solutions reducing your time-to-market.

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We have worked across Video Streaming, Broadcasting, OTT, Video conferencing, Connected Audio and Home entertainment industries to deliver next-gen media offerings.

Years of Engineering Excellence
50 M+
50 M+ Lives Touched and Improved
Multimedia Projects Delivered

Our Offerings

Audio/Video Engineering

Porting, developing & optimizing solutions like Smart Speaker, Hi-Fi Audio streaming, Video doorbell, and Video Player based on multimedia frameworks like FFmpeg, GStreamer, OpenMAX, Stagefright (Android).

Media Streaming Solutions

Developing Video transcoding, low latency, adaptive bitrate, Video Streaming, Video conferencing, Ad insertion, DVB compliant broadcasting solution using HLS, MPEG-DASH, WebRTC, RTSP, RTMP, mpegts.

Audio/Video Codec

Development & optimization of various audio codecs like opus, aac, vorbis, flac & video codecs like H264, H265, vp8, and mpeg4 for x86/SSE, ARM, neon, wmmx, MIPS architecture.

Our Technology Expertise

Standards We Have Implemented

ANSI/CTA-708-E R-2018
SMPTE ST 436-1
ATSC A/53, RDD 11-2007
SMPTE ST291-1:2011
SCTE 138
SCTE 104
SCTE 172

Tools We Use

What Sets Us Apart?

Domain understanding

Our engineers have deep multimedia domain expertise and have worked on challenging projects for customers across US and Europe. Our end-user centric approach offers better project predictability and risk mitigation ensuring timely delivery of high-quality products.

High performance

Our Bottom-up approach ensures we develop low CPU, low memory and low battery footprint products that fit customer's needs. Our iterative development process also allows continuous feedback integration offering improved quality control over the the project.

Your Extended Product Team

With us as your technology partner, you get complete access to our Full Stack development expertise spanning across firmware, device drivers, middleware, application, cloud integration and automated testing.

Customer Success

Our agile development process with sprints and continuous feedback loops increases transparency and offers more flexibility to incorporate changes in the product based on priority and business needs. This significantly reduces the go-to-market time.

Media and Streaming Solutions We've Delivered

Multiroom Smart Speaker for a Nasdaq-listed Home entertainment brand

We developed a high-performance, native android & iOS app for a Smart speaker company like Sonos. Battery life was improved with good coding practices, memory optimization, C++ libs & Arm/Neon optimization for audio processing. A 16-member team with Java/Kotlin, Objective-C/Swift, Linux, GStreamer, FFmpeg, audio codec, and QA expertise has been deployed.

Closed Captions support in MXF for a US-based Video Streaming platform

We added support for 6 different languages in MXF, by upconverting CEA-608 NTSC (Line-21) into CEA-708 DTVCC format. Added support for SMPTE ST 436-1 in FFmpeg's OP1A muxer to add CEA-708 as a sidecar making it compatible with Telestream’s CaptionMaker and GrayMeta’s Iris Pro player.

SDI to IP with FFmpeg for an Israeli Broadcasting Company

Our team Integrated the Dektec card in FFmpeg to read via SDI and broadcast over IP and vice-versa. Supports SDI(SD/HD/3G-lvl-A/B) capture/playout of Video/Audio/ANC uncompressed data, with Teletext and Closed Captioning.

What Our Customers are Saying

“Media Magic (now acquired by Velotio) have supported us in both a development and QA capacity and working with the team has been a pleasure, always adaptable while also proactive and willing to suggest methods and solutions to problems as they arise. The team has been capable of acting effectively in isolation on tasks both large and small, as well as working in close contact with our internal team. Reporting and management is always present and effective to help move things along while keeping visibility on progress. All in all a great experience.”

Cambridge Audio

What Our Customers are Saying

“We have been working with Media Magic team (now acquired by Velotio) for over ten years. The working relationship is getting better and better. The team clearly understands network streaming service and multimedia framework very well. They deliver on time and rise to occasions when a critical issue happens. We are glad to be a partner with Media Magic and looking forward to the continuous collaboration.”

VP of a NASDAQ listed home entertainment company

What Our Customers are Saying

“Media Magic (now acquired by Velotio) worked with us to develop a very significant piece of software that allowed our system to be robust and error-free running 24/7 for months. Working closely with Kapil and team allowed us to focus on operations and begin the rollout of our service.”

Steven Blumenfeld

CTO of a video streaming platform startup
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