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We Take Your Intellectual Property & Security Seriously

Trusting an unfamiliar entity with your valuable business idea or source code is difficult.

Learn how we give you complete security with:

  • US entity
  • Internal firewalls
  • Liability insurance
  • Discretionary access

We leave no stone unturned to win your confidence

Double-protection NDAs

Our NDAs are enforcable with our US entity. They are a standard part of our contract with every new customer. We sign it as a company and at an individual level as well. Any employee who has access to your code / technology is bound by it.

Discretionary access to engineers

Access to your servers and data is restricted to a few selected employees. Only an anonymized part of data is made available to our developer’s local copy, wherever possible. All access controls and IPs are duly removed as a part of the exit process when an employee leaves a project.

Strict procedures

We have stringent internal procedures for project management and source code. This clearly defines protocols for engineers on how to use and release your code to protect your property rights.

24/7 security & dedicated centers

All our delivery centers are monitored round the clock and require fingerprints ID verification to enter the premises. Dedicated space with additional security requirements can also be arranged for projects with specific compliance requirements.

Internal firewalls

We segment our network with multiple firewalls to protect against cyber attacks. This makes it easier for us to run distributed services securely across public and private cloud by minimizing the attack surface using micro-segmentation.

Liability insurance

Our clients have complete rights to Intellectual Property (IP) pertaining to their project. We're also happy to offer liability insurance against any errors  and omissions that might cause property damage or put your reputation at risk.

How we ensure
security during COVID-19?

Building successful engineering teams is no longer about working on future-thinking technologies only. It is also about building future-ready teams. Teams that know how to collaborate seamlessly and secure fully, even when they are not working from the same physical location. At Velotio, our teams have adopted to the new processes and security measures to ensure that our clients' projects remain completely secure even during these uncertain times:

  • Local hard disks and devices are fully encrypted to avoid the loss of any sensitive data
  • All client environments remain accessible for the team members, but only via VPN
  • We've implemented 2-factor authentication for Github, Slack, Jira, Trello and all other communication and project management tools that we use
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