A Culture of Opportunities
and Innovation.

A Team of Doers and Dreamers.

While there is no “right” culture that is a be-all and end-all, we try to live by the ethos of a technology startup that puts continuous innovation and growth of its employees at an extremely high pedestal. We work with a sense of immediacy and conscience that permeates best results for both our customers and employees alike.




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Nourishing These Core Values in Our Actions Every Day

Fail-fast, fail often

Failure is a necessary part of innovation because with failure comes learning, iteration and adoption. We embrace rapid prototyping and structured brainstorming methods to rule out bad ideas and get to the good ones quickly.

Data-based decision making

We work with a researcher’s mindset and a streak of keenness. We default to digging into data as our single source of truth to measure our risk appetite and decide the way forward.

Impact trumps everything

Employee growth is determined purely based on performance outcomes. Your educational background, previous accomplishments or the number of hours you put in are secondary to what you bring to the table.


Velotio’s management is as accountable to employees about the company’s growth and decision making, as employees are to them for their deliverables.

Parties Every Quarter

Letting your hair down every now and then is important for creativity and sanity! We embrace craziness and weirdness. You wouldn't want to hide in a corner in our parties.

Battle of Hackathons

Indulge in creative problem-solving and build ideas you are most passionate about. Consider our hackathons a 13-hour lab experiment, where purpose-driven innovation blows monotony and complacency out of the water.

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