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Delivering Tailored Backend Solutions

We have years of experience delivering highly functional, purpose-built applications that are customized to meet organizational needs. We consistently prioritize scalability, increased functionality, and optimal performance while developing solutions.

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Years of Engineering Excellence
Highly Skilled Engineers
Customers Served Globally

How we can help you

Our expertise spans across a spectrum of industries including FinTech, IoT, Networking, Databases, ML/AI, SaaS and consumer-based web applications. Having built 90+ custom products for clients around the globe, we know exactly what it takes to craft a solution that is not only in complete alignment with your company’s vision but also a delight for your customers.

Scalable Microservice Architecture

Leverage Microservices to architect an easily scalable backend from Day 1.

Cloud Native Approach

Integrate Cloud Native infrastructure and microservice architectures to ensure high performance and efficiency at scale.

Security & Compliance Practices

Implement security practices including strong authentication and authorisation frameworks, encryption for sensitive data, and API Gateways for micro-services among other things.

3rd Party SaaS Integrations

Integrate with User Analytics, Billing, CRM, Marketing Automation and other 3rd Party SaaS applications.

Real-time Communication

Support for Push notifications and other real-time communications using Web Sockets-based systems like Pusher, Firebase etc.

Test Driven Development

Leverage Test Driven Development practices to develop bug-free applications.

We lay the right foundation for your success

Skilled and Experienced Team

Our engineers demonstrate an impressive and unparalleled command of many programming languages and frameworks. Through their vast technical knowledge, hands-on experience and versatile domain expertise, they are certain to transform your products into efficient and scalable solutions.

Your Extended Product Team

With us as your technology partner, you get access to a pool of digital strategists, project managers, UX researchers, designers, iOS developers, Android developers, web developers, Cloud & DevOps experts, product analysts and QA managers.

Customer Success

Our agile development process with sprints and continuous feedback loops increasestransparency and offers more flexibility to incorporate changes in the product based on priority and business needs. This significantly reduces the go-to-market time.

Tech Stack we use

Languages & Frameworks

Our engineers have experience across various languages & frameworks. With micro-services based architecture, our engineers build applications multiple languages based on their strengths and use-cases.

SQL Databases

We have diverse and extensive experience withboth traditional databases like PostgreSQL & MySQL(MariaDB) as well asmodern databases like Azure Cosmos, AWS Aurora and CockroachDB.

NoSQL Databases

Our engineers have experience across various languages & frameworks. With micro-services based architecture, our engineers build applications multiple languages based on their strengths and use-cases.

Caching & Messaging Queues

Our engineers have experience across various languages & frameworks. With micro-services based architecture, our engineers build applications multiple languages based on their strengths and use-cases.


Building any modern SaaS Application requiresintegration with several third-party applications for User analytics, A/BTesting, Emails, Billing & Payments. Velotio has worked with integratingleading SaaS applications like Mixpanel, Heap, Stripe, and Segment amongothers.

Cloud Native & Microservices Architecture

Micro-services-based applications requireadditional services like API Gateways, discovery, load balancing, ratelimiting, security and circuit-breakers. We have skilled engineers at Velotiowho have years of experience with all these tools for effective deployment,orchestration and communication of micro-services.


We provide serverless consulting andapplication development services. We have leveraged AWS Lambda, Google Cloud& Azure Functions for interesting use cases of our clients.

Our Success Stories

Revolutionising mental healthcare through an intuitive patient-therapist solution

The client wanted a centralised solution which could virtually connect the patients to therapists in a seamless way. The current platform used legacy tools and technologies which were not cost-effective or scalable and the client wanted to tackle that. In a span of just 4 months, Velotio delivered an end-to-end solution - one that was intuitive, user-friendly, offered excellent patient-therapist experience and was still cost-effective.

Reduced monthly recurring server costs
Faster page load speed
Rise in conversion rates

Redefining the Virtual Sales Experience of an Enterprise IT Company with an On-demand Virtual Lab Platform

The Client wanted to build an on-demand virtual lab platform to deliver customizable product demos and POCs to accelerate their technical adoption, sales cycles, and deal closure. Within four months, Velotio built a cost-effective custom platform with an intuitive user interface and scalable backend resulting in better lead conversion and increased sales productivity.

Reduced operational costs
4 months
The platform was delivered in a short duration

Paving the path for a leading health-tech company to provide better healthcare solutions to patients

A leading mental health provider in the US reached out to Velotio to develop a cutting-edge platform in order to manage bookings and improve customer experience. Thriveworks tasked Velotio with rolling out a digital booking and intake management platform and other custom therapist tools. They were aiming to transition from a healthcare company and become a strong health-tech provider.

Increase in appointment booking rates
310+ locations
The platform was then made live - nationwide.

What our customers are saying

We’re very happy with the work Velotio delivers. I personally work with the data team and they’re a competent bunch. On the technical front, they’re very proficient. My colleagues work with the frontend developer, and they think very highly of him.

Shiv Indap
VP, Engineering, Customer Lobby

Velotio team exceeded our expectations in every aspect. We partnered with them when our startup was just an idea. Velotio designed the mockups, contributed to product management process and owned all aspects of software development. We feel fortunate to have found them as a technology partner!

Sophia Zheng,
Founder & CEO, Bludot

They’ve been instrumental in delivering high-quality software to customers on time. They’ve helped us advance the architecture of our SaaS platform. They brought a lot of experience to us. Now our platform has high availability, is up all the time, performs well, and is scalable.

Jerry Doyle
VP of Engineering, Zylotech

Related Engineering Services

Our engineering team includes capabilities across end-to-end software development, QA, DevOps & data engineering.

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