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We help you leverage the power of Generative AI to build intelligent products

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Our Expertise

OpenAIs technology is evolving the way businesses operate across all industries. At Velotio, we are constantly exploring new use cases to discover how companies can benefit from ChatGPT, DALL-E and other Generative AI tools.


  • Appointment scheduling
  • Al assisted Dx/Note summaries
  • Targeted messaging


  • Personalized customer support using ChatGPT
  • Fraud detection
  • KYC and AML
  • Customer onboarding


  • Personalized messaging and product promotion
  • Al assisted sales for reps
  • Al for contact centers

Enterprise SaaS

  • Chatbot for sales and support team
  • Claim submission and verification

How we can help you

With expertise in diverse technologies across Full-Stack development, Web & Mobile App Development, Cloud & DevOps, Data Engineering, AI/ML and UI/UX, we build delightful and powerful Generative AI Solutions modeled after DALL-E, ChatGPT, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion.

AI Consulting

Our AI Consulting services can help your business with customised AI solutions development, optimise existing AI systems and identify opportunities for AI integration. With the expertise of our senior tech leaders, we can enable you to build digital products with a competitive edge.

End-to-end Generative AI Model Development

We leverage machine learning techniques such as RNNs, transformers, Markov Chains, GANs, and autoencoders to create, customize, and train generative AI models basis your project needs and specific requirements.

Generative AI integrations

We can help modernizing your legacy systems using Generative AI, or add GAI-powered features to your products. We can empower your products to become more effective, intelligent, attractive, and personalized for your users.

GenAI Product Development & Experience Design

With our end-to-end product engineering services, we can help you build complex software and systems that can learn, adapt and evolve.

Our Competitive Technology Stack

What sets us apart?

Domain understanding

We have worked across multiple domains and built products that are used by millions of users across US and Europe. The products we have built have delivered tangible results across industries and business functions.

Your extended product and tech team

With us as a technology partner, we help you set up an extended product team and a full stack tech team that can understand business problems, define requirements, design and develop solutions and deliver them at scale.

NLP and Data experts

We have in-house NLP and data experts who can break the data and help you create custom models using technologies like GPT, DALL-E, Whisper etc

Agile development

We use agile methodologies for product development to rapidly design, build, launch and scale technology. Our team of experts are setup as a mix of PMs, Engineers, QAs, Data architects and devops experts.

Our traditional chatbot created a lot of frustration for end users. Velotio's engineering team delivered the custom chatbot with great speed and provided solid transparent communication at all stages. This has helped us tremendously improve overall user experience for patients.

Healthcare company

Learn about the work we've done

Velotio built a ChatGPT-inspired app in 3 weeks and boosted the productivity of business users by 20x.

A pioneering technology startup based in California had raised $4.5 million in a seed funding round to build a cost-effective, scalable and efficient BPA (Business Process Automation) platform. They wanted the platform to help enhance the productivity of business users by creating automated processes. We quickly built a serverless system (inspired by ChatGPT) that leverages generative AI to automate complex business processes and workflows using English as code in just 3 weeks.

Global users were served within 72 hours of the launch with 99.8% uptime.
Increase in customer retention due to outcome accuracy, efficiency, and ease of use.
Increased productivity reported by business users.

Developed an AI-powered Essay Grading Solution for an EdTech company

The customer reached out to us to address the challenges educators face in the grading process. They wanted a solution that could help optimally use educators’ time and eliminate issues pertaining to mechanical and time-consuming tasks. Additionally, they were aiming to implement a standardised evaluation system to ensure better efficiency. We built a solution to evaluate the essays on the parameters including structure, coherence and rubrics to meet the requirements of different academic levels and disciplines.

reduction in average grading time with the new Essay Grader MVP
accuracy in evaluating essays based on rubrics

How Velotio Helped a Healthcare Startup Build a Chatbot for Support using ChatGPT

Our customer is a leading US-based mental wellness company helping 100k MAU find therapists and get treatment for mental illness. They tasked Velotio to redesign their customer support bot pertaining to its incapability to understand and handle 87% of incoming queries. We built a custom Chatbot using Dialogflow and trained it with internal systems like EHR, CRM, and Salesforce. We integrated ChatGPT to generate custom responses using custom business logic. We tested the platform with a sample set of users before rolling it out to multiple locations, all in a span of few weeks.

Improved First response time (FRT) and First contact resolution rate (FCR)
Queries resolved in <1 mins 30 sec
Better engagement rate and satisfaction rate

See how Velotio can help you leverage the power of ChatGPT, DALL-E and other Generative AI tools to build intelligent products.

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