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A Mature Remote
Collaboration Process

Building rapport with remote engineers can be challenging. But working with engineering leaders for so many years has taught us well.

Consolidating all our bitter-sweet learning from our past projects, we have now come up with a process. A process that is proven and predictable, that helps us proactively address common challenges, like working in different locations, time zone differences and inter-team communication for our clients.

Sometimes there can be cultural and language barriers as well. But following this process has helped us develop a more structured approach to earning immediate trust of our clients and manage our projects well.

Most important -- we customize this process for you. Each client has different requirements, business processes. We’re happy to adapt our system to your changing needs. Business and technology requirements are not set in stone. We understand that. The process given below is thus to only give you a fair idea of what to expect. We’re a flexible bunch, happy to accommodate your preferences whichever way we can.

"Working remotely requires a certain level of trust, and Velotio Technologies has undoubtedly earned ours."

Josh Volpert,
Product Manager

“We’ve been impressed with their willingness to be flexible with us.”

Beth Crane,
VP Data, Site Machine

Velotio Technologies holds regular meetings and uses various project management tools to track progress. The team works hard and is dedicated to the project’s success, making them reliable and effective.

Muralidhar balcha,

The Three Stage Process


Discovery & planning

Building a strong foundation and a reliable system that ensure predictable outcome every time

Startup with limited
budget? We get that a lot.

Startups form almost 70% of our customer base. Defining overall project scope and capturing requirements that fit within your financial constraints is right up our alley.

Build a strong foundation

Discuss project approach, milestones and tech stack. Rushing through these fundamental decisions can turn into a costly mistake if you're not careful. You can thus trust us to be extremely thorough to avoid any pitfalls later.

Keep a close eye on the
metrics that matter

Identify key business and technical metrics that work for you. We send you the report card as requested, based on a weekly / bi-weekly schedule, whichever you prefer.

Setting up crucial processes & expectations

Establish standards

We follow the coding standards defined under SOLID, Code Style and Version Control. Each line of code is reviewed by at least two team members.

Dedicated technical lead

Assign roles and responsibilities to your team and let your tech lead handle the rest for you.

Well-defined processes

Clearly-defined protocols around communication, feedback loops, and availability makes it so much easier to manage any timezone difference and avoid delays.

Progress tracking

Always stay in the know. Plan sprint schedules  and have complete transparency on individual developer output. Track overall progress of your project whenever you want via tools like JIRA

Communication channels we use for faster collaboration

Google Docs

Market research & requirement analysis

Cultivate deeper understanding of the motivational triggers of your target audience. Validate your product vision to build a testable prototype -- in weeks, not months.


Build & Iterate

Begin with your development and scale as you go

Decide tech stack
and architecture

Clearly-defined protocols around communication, feedback loops, and availability makes it manage the timezone difference and avoid delays.


Identify issues and resolve as you go. Manage business risks with small release sprints every two weeks.


Request changes in code or design as your product vision evolves. We're happy to help.

Scalable Cloud

Infrastructure that grows with your increasing user base. Built on easy to scale servers, like AWS and GCP


Our DevOps engineers will help you set up CI/CD with Bitbucket Pipelines or Jenkins


Identify defects through manual and automation methods. Ensure maximum test coverage with Unit, integration, system and end-to-end testing.

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