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What does working with Velotio look like?

We are a team of passionate product engineers who work with you at every step of your product journey. Our agile and customer-centric approach ensures your digital products get to market faster for a competitive edge.

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Our process to develop is flexible, iterative and incremental

Superior product quality

The iterative process gives the flexibility to incorporate changes based on priority and business needs, which allows for building better products.

Better control

It allows stakeholders to have better control over the project with increased transparency due to continuous feedback integration and quality control.

Improved project predictability and reduced risks

With increased visibility, it is easier to predict risks and make effective mitigation plans. The agile process with sprints and retrospectives allows overcoming pitfalls like scope creep and excessive costs.

Increased customer satisfaction

With stakeholders in a constant feedback loop, the go-to-market time gets significantly reduced with higher quality products.

We choose the best quality-driven development practices

Coding Standards

We ensure all team members follow clean code principles to build sophisticated and highly functional code.

Peer Code Reviews

Every week we hold peer meetings (with you in loop) to ensure everyone is on the same page.


We use CI/CD setup with Bitbucket Pipelines or Jenkins.

Automated Testing

We rely on automated tests to improve quality, save time and reduce costs.

Project Management

We use JIRA, Clubhouse etc. for task management, bandwidth estimation, and progress tracking.

Software Testing Levels

We do a thorough testing including unit, integration and end-to-end tests.

Scalable Cloud Infrastructure

We work with modern and highly scalable servers set up on AWS and GCP.

Collaborative Sprint Planning

Regular meetings to prioritise scope, milestones, estimation and reporting.

We lay the right foundation for success


We believe in complete transparency. You have direct contact with each team member


For us, communication is key. We ensure there is constant dialogue between you and the team members.


We can easily scale the team to speed up delivery whenever you need it.

No Language Barrier

Everyone is a native-level English speaker so there is no language barrier while working with us.

Training and Upskilling

We help our team members advance their skills with regular training sessions, online courses and conferences.

Passionate about Technology

Many of our engineers are tech evangelists, publishing articles on our blog, and speaking at conferences.

We are experts when it comes to remote collaboration

for ongoing daily communication
for presenting wireframes & designs
for project management
for code management
for video conferencing
for collaborating on documentation

Daily standups

Short meetings during which we summarise what was done the day before, what will be done next and inform each other about possible obstacles. After every daily standup, we create a short Slack report.

Sprint reviews

Live demos of new versions of your software, presented at the end of each sprint. Also, a Jira report is delivered with a list of all features delivered, the velocity of the team and the exact burndown rate.

Monthly meetings

Meetings during which we deliver a high-level overview of the project. We discuss the overall progress, the budget usage and everything you need to prepare a summary for your partners or executives.


At Velotio, our engineers keep sharpening their skills and expertise so our customers can access best industry practices and the latest technologies.

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What Our Customers are Saying

We've utilized Velotio's DevOps/Cloud Engineering services for over a year now and have been extremely happy with the work and solutions they have built for us. They helped us manage production services and workloads across AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. They have a very quick turnaround on tasks and I highly recommend them.

They've been instrumental in delivering high-quality software to us on time. They've helped us advance the architecture of our SaaS platform. They brought a lot of experience to us. Now our platform has high availability, is up all the time, performs well, and is scalable.

Working remotely requires a certain level of trust and Velotio Technologies has undoubtedly earned ours. The team works well using an agile approach, as their efforts have fostered increased output with each sprint. The team is dedicated to maintaining a consistent communication plan. They have proven to be trustworthy and talented, making for a successful partnership.

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