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Intelligent Chatbots Customized for Your Business

Whether you are looking to build enterprise-class chatbots for your app or website, or looking for a technology partner to build the product for your chat-first business model, we can help.

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20+ Full Stack Chatbot Development Projects Completed So Far

Customer journeys differ for everyone. And while there are hundreds of turn-key chatbot solutions available, sometimes they can be too restrictive or too expensive for your business needs. At Velotio, we've built customized chatbots that support native languages or complicated workflows to promote specific business goals.

Multi-channel support

Be where your customers are. Initiate conversations with engaging text messages or voice chats. Resolve queries anywhere you want -- across your website, social media channels or Slack.

Scale your operations

Enable intelligent, customized responses to resolve common customer issues faster. Offer high volume support reaching 10,000 concurrent interactions per second.

Structured messages

Create more interactive experiences between your bots and users with rich media and messaging templates, like buttons, carousals, lists, and images.

Support different languages

Cater to your users in multiple geographies. Offer local language support with our expertise in latest NLU / ML technologies and frameworks, like BotKit, Google Dialogflow, Rasa NLU, and others.

Integrations & custom APIs

Create unique workflows and automate processes as we integrate your chatbot with your favorite CRMs and tools.

Powerful analytics

Track NLP response effectiveness, engagement metrics and user behavior data. Course-correct in time to reduce escalations, improve engagement and conversions.


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Bots For Every Industry

Multi-channel chatbot reduced query resolution time by up to 40%

Velotio utilized Natural Language Processing (NLP) to create a conversational chat solution for a NYC based insurance provider. This helped them:

- Automate almost 30% of their total queries. Now their support team spend their time on tickets that actually require human intervention.

- Reduce query resolution time by up to 40% with features like skill-based routing, automatic prioritization scoring, et al.

- Offer accurate insurance quotes based on the information entered by the users, which speed up the sales process by 2x.

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B2B eCommerce website increased monthly revenue by 4.6%

Velotio built a customized bot for a UK-based wholesale retailer. The client sells stationary supplies online to big corporates and SMBs. The purchases are usually subscription-based or bulk one-time deals.

The bot offers prioritized support and quick agent rerouting for previous customers. It also helps visitors find relevant products faster from the chat window itself. This includes utilizing ML techniques like Wisdom of Crowds for new visitors and tapping into past purchase behavior for old customers to provide personalized recommendations for each visitor. Result:

- 4 out of 10 products recommended by the bot are purchased by the visitor. This increased their four figure AOV (Average order value) by 0.8% and overall monthly revenue by 4.8%.

- Query resolution time reduced by almost 30%

Doctors' Appointments Increased by 4x

The bot assists patients find relevant doctors and clinics in the area based on symptoms mentioned by them in the chat window. Patients are provided necessary information such as doctor's availability, success ratings and distance from their location to help them choose the right doctor. They can also manage their appointments from the chat window itself. Impact:    

- 200% increase in revenue in six months by booking 4x the number of appointments

- 1 out of 4 patients came back to make another booking in six months

- 3 out of 5 bookings were made even when live chat agents were not available

Website bot increased revenue by 2.7% annually

Velotio utilized Botkit & MS-LUIS framework to create a conversational chatbot for a banking client. Besides answering FAQs, the bot sends out actionable updates to customers after they have logged into their accounts. This includes reminders for outstanding card payments, renewals for dormant DEMAT accounts, expiring fixed deposits, et al. The bot also upsells relevant offers, Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs), RDs and other banking products based on certain qualifying criteria. Impact:      

- FD renewals went up by 8.6% and timely card payments increased by 18.2% annually

- 2.5% of dormant Demat accounts were reactivated in the past 12 months

- Upselling banking products increased revenue by 2.7% annually

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