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Unlock the Potential of Your Business Data

Get data that acts as your single source of truth. Set up simple yet comprehensive technology infrastructure that not only makes data easily accessible, but also useful and manageable.

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We are adept at managing high volumes of disparate data and processing it at high velocity. With extensive experience in building and implementing robust data lake frameworks, we aim to develop the easiest, fastest and most efficient solution that answers your business questions and enable faster decision making.

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How can we help you

Get a Unified View of All Your Data

Transform your data into useful formats for easy analysis. Leverage our expertise to stream, load and process massive volumes of data spread across disparate databases, technologies, Excel files, APIs, cloud storage, and structure it all in one place.

We also develop connectors and integrations between different systems to help you make sense of your data. We manage distributed systems and reliability of your data, while you focus on taking smarter decisions for your business.

Real-time Data Pipeline

We help you set up reliable and well-structured datasets for easy analysis. Our engineers will build you a carefully-managed system to automate the movement and processing of your complex data. We ensure that this system is fault tolerant and repeatable with high availability, strong governance and competitive SLAs. Query recent event data in seconds or scale to billions of data points -- we build you a high-performing pipeline that can be used by different teams in your organization to suit their specific needs.

Faster Data Aggregation & Analysis

Our team will store all your structured and unstructured data in one centralized repository. This will allow data scientists and business analysts in your organization to access data with their choice of analytics frameworks and tools. You will also get advanced query capabilities that help you develop newer models easily to personalize customer experience and identify newer revenue sources. We abide by enterprise-grade security and governance to ensure a seamless integration of data lakes into your existing infrastructure.

Big Data Devops Management

Wish there could be more consistency between the real-world behavior of your app and their production and test environments? Combining DevOps with your Big data infrastructure is the answer. We've been a dependable Big Data administration and DevOps partner for 30+ clients so far -- helping them set up complete architecture and full automation from ground up. We also ensure optimum performance of your Hadoop clusters to ensure high availability.

A Highly-reliable System

The sacredness of your system lies in the security and accuracy of your data and we do not take it lightly. We go above and beyond to diligently follow all data governance as well as access and identity management best practices to identify potential threats before time. When building data pipelines, we always take into consideration factors like log analysis, fraud analysis and error predictions to avoid any malignance.

Interactive, Visual Dashboards

We build customized, intelligent and highly-visual dashboards using business intelligence and visualization tools like Periscope, Looker, Tableau, et al.

This empowers your teams to ditch manual reports that takes hours to prepare. Now they can set your sources to auto refresh as and when they want and communicate better with real-time data, reports and charts that are easier to understand for everyone; and can be shared easily with managed access and role-based permissions.

Build Machine Learning Models

Employing machine learning algorithms and data modeling techniques like decision trees and regression helps us empower your business teams with predictive analysis. This helps them identify customer trends and communicate the value of their initiatives effectively.Be it analyzing a current business situation or forecasting a likely outcome, the continuously evolving machine learning models will help you take proactive measures in time to achieve optimal results.

Serverless ETL

Save time on building and managing ETL pipelines. Let our experts transform your complex data with fully-automated data cataloging and ETL pipelines.

Focus on your core responsibilities as we manage the growing volume, variety and velocity of data to make it usable for your business teams without the hassles of maintaining any infrastructure or servers. Reduce operational costs and time to value with technologies like AWS Glue, Apache Spark, Airflow and more.

Our Step-by-step Data Engineering Process

Our Success Stories

Serverless ETL Datalake using Amazon Web Services

The customer is a B2B Customer Data Platform providing a unified view of the customer across all platforms, with leading brands like Staples, Walmart, and Cisco as their customers. The client wanted to set up a multi-tenant serverless data lake with real-time and batch data ingestion and processing. The current CDP platform was built using traditional technologies which was challenging to manage, scale, and upgrade. The new solution needed to have minimal infrastructure maintenance.

The new serverless data analytics reduced the cost of data processing and storage by 10x.
Leveraging AWS services and the serverless model reduced the ongoing operational costs by 50-60%.

Revolutionising mental healthcare through an intuitive patient-therapist solution

The client wanted a centralised solution which could virtually connect the patients to therapists in a seamless way. The current platform used legacy tools and technologies which were not cost-effective or scalable and the client wanted to tackle that. In a span of just 4 months, Velotio delivered an end-to-end solution - one that was intuitive, user-friendly, offered excellent patient-therapist experience and was still cost-effective.

Reduced monthly recurring server costs
Faster page load speed
Rise in conversion rates

Redefining the Virtual Sales Experience of an Enterprise IT Company with an On-demand Virtual Lab Platform

The Client wanted to build an on-demand virtual lab platform to deliver customizable product demos and POCs to accelerate their technical adoption, sales cycles, and deal closure. Within four months, Velotio built a cost-effective custom platform with an intuitive user interface and scalable backend resulting in better lead conversion and increased sales productivity. 

Reduced operational costs
4 months
The platform was delivered in a short duration

What our customers are saying

We’re very happy with the work Velotio delivers. I personally work with the data team and they’re a competent bunch. On the technical front, they’re very proficient. My colleagues work with the frontend developer, and they think very highly of him.

Shiv Indap
VP, Engineering, Customer Lobby

Velotio team exceeded our expectations in every aspect. We partnered with them when our startup was just an idea. Velotio designed the mockups, contributed to product management process and owned all aspects of software development. We feel fortunate to have found them as a technology partner!

Sophia Zheng,
Founder & CEO, Bludot

They’ve been instrumental in delivering high-quality software to customers on time. They’ve helped us advance the architecture of our SaaS platform. They brought a lot of experience to us. Now our platform has high availability, is up all the time, performs well, and is scalable.

Jerry Doyle
VP of Engineering, Zylotech
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