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Build Continuous Quality into Your End-to-end Development Process

Find critical bugs in time when they are cheaper and easier to fix. Automate testing with an integrated CI/CD pipeline to ensure launch-ready quality after every sprint.

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Quality Engineering services is one of our core offerings at Velotio and often utilized by many of our customers who trust us with their end-to-end product development or DevOps initiatives. But if you are a startup looking to augment your current team of quality experts or build a new team of testers from the scratch, we are happy to be your offshore software testing partner and scale as you grow.

A team that strives for testing excellence

At Velotio, we build you a dedicated team of fully-equipped quality experts managed by a delivery manager.

Our Quality Engineers set up a solid test environment with robust architecture and an agile test strategy. This ensures maximum test coverage and efficiency throughout your SDLC.

You will get comprehensive test reports and a team which is happy to take ownership until the final release.

Automated tests for continuous efficiency

We emphasize on building automated tests so we never have to waste our time with repetitive manual testing. But that doesn't mean we value manual testing any less. We use it a lot for exploratory testing or any specific use cases that require more human-centric focus.

We deploy tools like Selenium, TestComplete, Ranorex, Cucumber and others to set up complete test automation cycle for you.

We build you a system that will allow you to try different test scenarios at once, decide the right test for each scenario (be it Unit testing, API testing or any other) and control test execution without any human intervention. This ensures better test coverage and accuracy and also saves tons of time.

Integrating CI/CD pipeline for automated testing

Our experts not only build a good DevOps pipeline for automated testing but also ensure that the right tests get executed at the right points in the pipeline. We take care of test efficiency and make sure they don’t hold up the process.

Release quality from the get-go

Our Quality Engineers work closely with the developers right from the time you define user stories and acceptance criteria. We build agile test plans for comprehensive system testing that includes both functional and non-functional aspects of the solution. As a result, you release a strong product that offers exceptional user experience and work as per your users’ requirements and expectations.

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Key Testing Areas

Build continuous quality at every stage of your development cycle. Our experts will automate the tracking and managing of all your testing needs, including how much system is covered by different tests or what other types of testing might be required to cover all the moving parts. As a result, testers can now focus on creating effective tests instead of getting bogged down in managing the minutia of testing needs.

Automated testing can speed up the process, but it is not a replacement for manual testing. Our manual testers are experts at creating systematic test plans that take into account all the scenarios of user journeys possible in your product. This helps identify user interface glitches and usability issues that might have been missed by automated pre-written tests that leave little room for exploratory testing.

APIs are one of the most crucial components for testing as they are prone to highest security risks. Any lenience can expose your data, including your users' data as well. Our experts build you an extensive API test suit that works with your Continuous Integration and Delivery model. You can be sure that all your end points are secured from any unauthorized access, regardless of where they are hosted.

Our usability team prepares an extensive test plan and recruits participants that resemble your user groups. This helps identify if users are able to complete key tasks in your application and in how much time. The objective here is to collect quantitative and qualitative data to figure out changes required to optimize users' performance and satisfaction and find out any issues early on in the testing process.

Find out the stability, scalability and reliability of your applications. Identify if they are ready to handle your anticipated peak load, what can be the possible break points and optimize before it’s too late.

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