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Career Path

Data Engineers at Velotio

A data engineer blends business sense, engineering prowess, and strong communication skills to create technical solutions that will support an organization’s data needs. Your primary role would be to design and build scalable data infrastructure with efficiency, reliability, and consistency to meet rapidly growing data needs.

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Data Engineers
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About Data Engineering Team

We have a highly skilled team of data engineers at Velotio. With over 4 years of experience in managing high-traffic, complex data projects, we’ve successfully delivered projects for clients all around the globe. Our team builds data pipelines and analytics solutions that help our customers take advantage of the increasing flood of data.

If you are familiar with next-generation data delivery and looking for a place where you can design your ideal workflow, share knowledge with your peers, and push yourself forward - join our team!

A week in the life of Velotio's Data Engineers

As a Data Engineer at Velotio, you will be building applications for optimal extraction, cleaning, transformation, and loading data from disparate sources and transform it to an easy-to-use format using the latest big data technologies.

You will be communicating with clients to understand their challenges, gather data, draw analytics, and help them build and manage strong data pipelines. You get to work closely with different business units and engineering teams within the organization to develop a long-term data platform architecture strategy to enable data-driven decision-making practices.

Your typical week would involve building ETL/ELT pipelines, implementing processes and systems to monitor data quality, and attending daily sync-ups with the team, and a few meetings with clients to share updates and raise/resolve blockers. As most of our clients are from the U.S., you have the flexibility to manage your work hours to sync up with your team and attend client meetings comfortably.

Apart from working on projects, you will also have an opportunity to share knowledge with your peers via tech talks, engineering blogs, Velotio wiki, and also interview newer talent.

Data Engineer

Experience - 1-3 years

  • Develop data processing pipelines
  • Build data-powered applications
Coordinate with clients, senior members, and tech leads.

Senior Data Engineer

Experience - 3-6 years

  • Contribute to application design and requirement gatherings
  • Help in peer review and mentoring junior engineers
Coordinate with clients and tech leads

Data Engineer - Tech Lead

6+ years

  • Gather requirement and design system architecture from scratch
  • Interact with senior members or product managers from the client-side
  • Responsible for assigning tasks, reviewing work, and managing end-to-end system deliverables
Coordinate with senior member from the client-side and internal team

Our Toolbelt

My experience at Velotio is interesting, challenging, and rewarding. The mentors and peers are very approachable and willing to help you. The work culture is also very open, which makes it easy to establish relationships quickly.  I also admire the fact that everybody is treated fairly which gives me the motivation to work even better, keep learning new things, and use my skills to solve new challenges.

Pratik Ambhore

Head, Data Engineering

I really love the work environment at Velotio There's always an opportunity to learn new things. The team is very dedicated and passionate about what they do. Also, you can talk to anyone here without any hesitation.

Vipul Vaibhav

Senior Data Engineer

The team at Velotio is technically sound. There is no need for handholding or micromanagement. Everyone takes ownership of their tasks. Even the clients we work with have a strong technical background and a good engineering team, so it's easy to discuss workload, timelines, and expectations with them.

Siddharth Ghumre

Technical Lead

The management and people at Velotio are really supportive and encouraging. It feels good to know that there are plenty of people around to help you out. I've found the culture to be very open and there is easy communication among everyone here.

Ashokchand Thakur

Senior Software Engineer

My experience with Velotio has been great so far. The team is very friendly and accommodating. The best thing about working at Velotio is the freedom you get to take up projects that align with your style of learning. The company ensures that the employees are well equipped to take on the challenges and keep growing.

Tushar Choudhary

Software Engineer

My journey at Velotio is nothing less than awesome. It has been a roller coaster ride of experience and learning. In the past year, I have learned a lot about software development and technology at large. I have also been able to hone my skills and work on some very challenging projects. Overall, Velotio is a great place to be in. It is fun, fast-paced, and has a lot of potential for growth.

Nishant Arora

Software Engineer

Velotio has a very warm and friendly work culture. Management is very supportive and always encourages you to try out new things through internal/external courses, tech talks, engineering blogs, etc. I have been able to learn a lot about the technology and domain from my peers.

Abhinav Sharma

Software Engineer
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Life at Velotio

Deep dive into our empowered and autonomous work culture

The Velotio Culture Book offers an inside view of our team, our values, and everything we believe in. You’ll get to know all about how we work and grow together.

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Elevate- Our Biggest Internal Tech Conference

Velotio Elevate is an annual internal tech conference where passionate people come together to exchange knowledge, share expertise, and uplift minds. The event features multiple talks and sessions on various cutting-edge technologies, team building games, and super-fun stand-up shows.

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Velotio Tech Talks

Monthly tech discussions led by our internal tech experts. This acts a great forum to stay updated on everything cool and new in the field of technology and innovation.

Velotio After Hours

Twice a week, we all get together (virtually) to discuss non-work, non-tech things. We talk about movies, comics, sports, fitness, mental health, music, finances and more.

Game of Hackathon

We often organize Hackathons that inject a lot of positive energy and innovation into our work culture and make collaborations more effective. Such events encourage our team to challenge themselves and come up with the great ideas and technical solutions.

Kubernetes Ignite

Kubernetes Ignite is an initiative to build a thriving community of professionals who are looking to network and gain knowledge about Kubernetes and its surrounding ecosystem.

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