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Chatbot Development

Bot Builder - A Visual Bot Development Tool

About This Project

The client reached out to Velotio with the objective to allow users without coding experience to easily develop and manage bots for their specific needs.


Chatbot Development


About the Client

The client is a San Fransisco-based Series B insurance startup

Understanding the Challenge

The major challenge was enabling non-technical users to create, deploy and manage bots developed using Lex and Dialogflow. While the actual development was managed by the Bot Builder tool in the backend, the user has a simple visual interface to create the intents, and manage the relationships between intents as well as the responses to each user action. This makes it very simple and quick to design and deploy a bot for practically any requirement.

The tool needed to be developed keeping in mind the requirements and sensibilities of users who are not from a development background and simplifies the bot creation and management process to a large extent.

“​​The Bot Builder tool developed by Velotio is extremely useful for our team, as we do not need to engage developers for the creation of a bot. The process is simple and the results are exceptional.”

Head of Digital Marketing

How We Made It Happen

Velotio created Bot Builder, a visual tool for bot development. The bot can be developed via the GUI by non-technical people. The tool also allows additions and changes to the behavior and responses without writing any code.

The tool was developed in React to manage intents, flows, and their specific connections to each other. A separate interactive flow can be created for each intent and can be further modified. Bot Builder connects to multiple platforms like Amazon Lex and Google Dialogflow for NLP & backend logic. The objective was to allow users without coding experience to easily develop and manage bots for their specific needs.

The main components of the solution included:‍

  • Amazon Lex: Lex is the AWS service for building conversational interfaces into applications using voice. Amazon Lex provides the advanced deep learning functionalities of automatic speech recognition (ASR) for converting speech to text, and natural language understanding (NLU). Lex helped the bot interact with humans in a way that the humans find natural. Lex was the backend development platform for the Bot builder tool and allowed integration with Alexa. Dialogflow was also integrated as an additional platform for bot development.‍
  • Node & React: For the graphical user interface of the tool, development was done in Node and React. All the visual components of the editor were designed and developed using React. The visual elements created by the user were converted into code using Node which will execute within the Lex/Dialogflow backend component.

Velotio used this platform to build multiple chatbots for one of the largest life insurance companies. Their marketing team was able to A/B test multiple chat workflows and optimize the chatbots almost in real-time based on user engagement metrics.

How Velotio Made a Difference

Enables integration with Alexa

Connects with multiple platforms like Amazon Lex and Google Dialogflow

Successfully executed A/B testing in real-time

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