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Built a Scalable Suite of Products for a Billion Dollar Media Tech Startup Providing Cloud-Managed Video Infrastructure for Broadcast & OTT Companies

About This Project

The client was looking for a tech partner with a strong video domain understanding & an experienced engineering team. Some of their primary requirements were to - 

  • Build an in-house cost-effective cloud transcoding & packaging platform, replacing AWS Elemental & utilizing open-source technologies that support & QC all input streams. 
  • Design & implement a content ingestion, enrichment, management & analytics platform with resiliency, high availability, and scalability in mind. 
  • Develop a multi-cloud analytics platform to support use cases like viewership metrics, Ad analytics.


Data Engg & Analytics
Mobile App Development
Audio/Video Solutions


About the Client

The client is a US-based Media Tech startup, a global leader in SaaS technologies providing Cloud-managed Video infrastructure for broadcast and OTT companies. Their platform enables content owners & TV networks to launch, manage, distribute, and monetize Live & On-demand channels across OTT & FAST.

Understanding the Challenge

How We Made It Happen

We significantly contributed to the client’s business by building a suite of products, reducing costs, and introducing high availability, scalability, and robustness, improving overall KPIs.

Here are some of the prominent differences we made in each of the areas:

→ Transcoding & Packaging:

  • Built transcoding and packaging system using open-source tools like FFmpeg, GStreamer, shaka-packager, and mp4box.
  • Added support for PlayReady, Widevine, Fairplay DRM
  • Implemented CMAF support for HLS and MPEG-DASH
  • Added support for different Caption standards - SCC, MCC, SRT, WebVTT, TTML
  • Added support for Server Side Ad Insertion(SSAI)
  • Implemented a comprehensive Quality Control system to detect issues in input & output streams.
  • Ran periodic reviews of encoding profiles to align with evolving industry standards and best practices for video streaming.
  • Conducted regular performance evaluations of the video encoding pipeline, identifying bottlenecks and implementing enhancements to improve processing speed, resource utilization, and overall system efficiency.

→ Content Ingestion, Management & Analytics:

  • Built a Serverless pipeline to Ingest, Clean, Standardize, Enrich & Store content across providers in a single global metadata store.
  • Developed a highly scalable platform that can support ingestion from multiple sources and in various formats and handle large volumes of content.
  • Utilized ML and AI algorithms to automatically extract metadata from content, such as genre, actors, directors, parental guidance rating, and other relevant information. 
  • Implemented Rights management for the contents.
  • Implemented analytics-driven EPG(Electronic Program Guide) building
  • Used ML algorithms to personalize content recommendations based on user preferences, viewing history, and other relevant data.
  • Provided platform-specific solutions that enabled the customer to quickly onboard numerous content partners.

Ad & User Analytics:

  • Built a highly scalable and extensible platform to Collect and analyze ad performance metrics, such as click-through rates (CTR), completion rates, &revenue generated by ads.
  • Used ML algorithms and AI to analyze user behavior and demographics to enable more precise ad targeting and optimize ad delivery by analyzing user behavior, such as viewing habits, device types, and geo-locations.
  • Enabled ingestion and analysis of viewership metrics, such as watch time, unique viewers, and churn rate, to understand how users engage with content by tracking user sessions, such as time spent on the platform and the number of sessions per user.
  • Using Beacon logs, content catalog, EPG, 3rd party services like MaxMind DB, GeoIP, and many more, generate insights about content and ad viewership, session, users, devices, demographics, etc.
  • Designed various dashboards and reports for tracking various Analytical KPIs across the platform.

How Velotio Made a Difference

Reduced monthly cost by more than 50% by transitioning from AWS elemental to in-house open-source transcoding & packaging solution.

Re-architectured the meta-store project, enabling the content onboarding team to quickly automate and empower new content delivery partners. This helped them to scale swiftly up to 3000+ partners rapidly.

The designed solution allowed clients to ingest and enrich 500,000+ media content on their platform.

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