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Built an Efficient Video-Over-IP Solution for a Leading Israel-Based Broadcasting Platform

About This Project

The client was looking for a strategic partner with deep tech expertise in video engineering, Linux, and FFMPEG.
They wanted to build an efficient video-over-IP solution. The primary objective of which was to develop a versatile and comprehensive solution that manages legacy interface conversions to IP and protocol conversion.
Moreover, the system's reliability was critical to ensure uninterrupted broadcasting. They needed the upgraded solution to maintain a constant and reliable connection to keep the broadcast live on-air.


Data Engg & Analytics
Mobile App Development
Audio/Video Solutions


About the Client

Our client is a leading Israel-based provider of high-quality digital content protection solutions, driving the evolution of digital video contribution and distribution to IP networks. Leveraging Emmy® award-winning technologies, the client’s products and solutions enable professional broadcast companies, including TV broadcasters, TV operators, teleports, and content providers, to broadcast live confidently over any IP network, including the internet.

Understanding the Challenge

"Team Velotio excellently maintained consistent communication with regular cadence calls to strategize the project's next steps. They were quick to incorporate any changes based on our feedback. All this made the project progress very smoothly. The overall success of the engagement is attributed to the team's exceptional knowledge and expertise."

CTO at the Leading Israel-Based Broadcasting Company

How We Made It Happen

  • Team Velotio started the project by establishing clear guidelines for scope, milestone responsibilities, and delivery approval processes.
  • The intent was to develop a video-over-IP solution from scratch that enables seamless any-to-any connections between legacy and IP interfaces.
  • We executed two significant functions: capturing and playing out in two modes (ASI & SDI). Firstly, we validated if we could capture and play out with the Linux drivers provided by the manufacturer. Post validation (by the local team and our RnD), we moved to FFMPEG integration.
  • Finally, we defined the following modes: SDI 2 SDI, ASI 2 ASI, ASI 2 SDI, and SDI 2 ASI.  With SDI, we also tested different resolutions and frame rates.
  • We subsequently developed an innovative solution with a custom protocol capable of recovering packet loss while broadcasting.

How Velotio Made a Difference

The custom protocol of the solution built by team Velotio can recover up to 86% packet loss rate, which is the highest performance in the market.

The overall end-to-end latency over the product link is as low as 500 ms (half a second).

The all-new solution offers Live Broadcast over any IP to any service in any cloud.

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