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Continuous Delivery Pipeline for Microservices-based Application on Kubernetes

About This Project

The client is developing their next-generation gaming platform with a cloud-native microservices architecture-based backend. To support the next-generation platform, the customer needed to set up a production-grade Kubernetes service on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) with Continuous Delivery for all microservices.


Cloud & DevOps
UI/UX & Digital Experience


About the Client

The Client is one of the leading Game publishers in the world with 5M+ DAUs for Massively Multiplayer Online Games that consistently top the App store. They have multiple game studios across North America in Boston, San Francisco, and Montreal.

Understanding the Challenge

They wanted to set up a production-grade Kubernetes on EKS with Istio using DevOps automation tools. Continuous Integration and Delivery(CI/CD) for all microservices needed to be done. The solution needed to support Canary deployments as part of the CD process. They also required automated steps and scripts to run when there are incidents in the production environment

Working with Velotio’s engineers feels more like working with an extended team of the company rather than the vendor. Their engineers take ownership and care about the problems that need to be solved.

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How We Made It Happen

Continuous Delivery Pipeline

Velotio deployed a team of one Cloud Architect and two Cloud Engineers to set up the entire environment. The team used AWS Cloud Formation to develop scripts that automated the setup of Elastic Kubernetes Service, Elastic Container Registry, and associated services.

The team set up CI/CD for each microservice using Jenkins as shown in the above image. Each new branch merges to master triggers builds and pushes the builds across different stages of the pipeline until it's ready for deployment to production. The team used Canary deployments to roll out new features with the ability to roll back if things break in production.

Continuous Delivering Pipeline for Microservices

The team used Istio for service discovery and controlling traffic across all the services.

  • Observability: The team set up Prometheus/Grafana for monitoring, Elasticseach/Fluentd/Logstash for Logs, and Opentracing for Distributed tracing.
  • RunBook Automation: The team set up monitoring alerts in Grafana and developed necessary scripts which can run manually to remediate alerts.

Chaos Engineering: Additionally, the team used Chaos engineering principles to break things in a production-like environment with synthetic loads to find gaps and potential issues in the architecture.

How Velotio Made a Difference

The team set up the entire system in 3 months in time for the customer to launch their new games on the next-generation platform

CI/CD enabled the team to become highly agile and roll out new features and hotfixes to production quickly.

Strong Observability and Runbook automation reduced the operations overhead by over 90%.

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