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Mobile App Development

Developed a Robust Appointment Scheduling App to Improve Accessibility and Quality of Care for UK’s Leading Healthcare Provider

About This Project

The client reached out to Velotio with a critical challenge - there was a huge gap between patients and therapists using the platform, because of which the engagement rate was extremely low. The aim was to develop a comprehensive mobile app that could facilitate efficient appointment scheduling, secure patient data storage, and create connected experiences in order to improve the accessibility and quality of care.


Mobile App Development


About the Client

The client is a leading mental healthcare provider in the UK, operating in over 500+ locations and working with 3,800+ therapists. They aim to create a well-being ecosystem by making high-quality therapy more accessible and affordable.

Understanding the Challenge

The initial objective was to create a web-based platform to facilitate healthcare services. After the successful launch of their web application, the next logical step was to launch a mobile application through which patients can easily manage appointments. This led us to move towards developing a robust application that would cater to the evolving needs and preferences of their users.

While the web app was able to serve the immediate patient needs, we had to tackle a few challenges to successfully translate the web operations to a mobile application. 

  • User Experience and Frontend Design: Navigating the complexities of user experience and frontend design required extensive research. An intuitive platform was needed that could expedite appointment scheduling for patients. 
  • Security and Privacy: Ensuring the highest standards of security and privacy for sensitive patient data was critical to protect patient information and comply with regulatory requirements.
  • Third-party Tools’ Limitations: The client was facing challenges with off-the-shelf tools like Acuity Scheduler, which required manual interventions and offered limited flexibility, resulting in a mediocre user experience for scheduling and managing appointments.
  • Integration with Existing Systems: Integrating the mobile app with existing healthcare systems, such as electronic health records (EHR) and billing systems, posed a challenge. Seamless data flow and synchronization between the app and external systems were needed to ensure accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Scalability: As the app was expected to serve a growing user base, scalability was a key challenge. The solution needed to handle increasing user load.
  • Compliance and Regulations: Adhering to healthcare regulations and compliance standards, such as HIPAA, was essential. We had to ensure that the app met all legal requirements, including data privacy, consent management, and secure data transmission.
  • Stakeholder Collaboration: Collaborating with multiple stakeholders, including therapists, healthcare providers, and administrative staff, presented its own set of challenges. We had to ensure effective communication, gather feedback, and accommodate diverse requirements to create a comprehensive solution.

Working with Velotio has been an absolute delight. The team’s understanding of the requirement was spot on. They were quick to roll out the MVP and skillfully integrated our inputs to deliver an intuitive mobile app within the committed timeline. And we have seen a significant surge in the engagement metrics, so it’s safe to say that the collaboration was a huge success.

VP-Tech, Healthcare Company

How We Made It Happen

To meet the client's requirements, Velotio assembled a skilled team of Product Managers, Data Engineers, Frontend and Backend Developers, Quality Analysts, DevOps Engineers, and support personnel. The project followed a strict timeline considering the zero-delay delivery commitment. Despite the challenges, the team overcame them through careful planning, robust technology choices, and close collaboration with the client. 

  • We adopted a user-centric design approach and conducted in-depth interviews with stakeholders and some users. The objective was to gain a deep understanding of the target audience's requirements (Patients and Therapists)  and their pain points.
  • The team developed a Patient Server (Core) app and an EHR app. The solutions we built were intuitive and had a visually appealing interface that was easy to use and efficient.
  • We utilized AWS SQS, Fargate, and Kubernetes for scalable hosting and Integrated Auth0 for authentication and authorization. 
  • Creating a seamless and intuitive user experience was a top priority. We crafted a frontend that allowed patients to schedule appointments faster and with ease. The UI/UX design was carefully tailored to be intuitive, supporting multiple device and form types.
  • The flexible architecture and modular design allowed for easy integration with emerging technologies, ensuring the application would remain relevant and adaptable to evolving healthcare trends.
  • Maintaining the highest standards of security and privacy was a top priority during the development of our mobile application. Robust encryption protocols and secure authentication mechanisms were integrated to ensure that patient data remained confidential and protected from unauthorized access.
  •  The app facilitated seamless access to electronic health records. Patients could view their medical history, test results, and vital statistics on their smartphones.
  • We rolled out the MVP within 8 weeks for market testing.
  • We focussed on mobile app development, so as to provide users with a seamless and convenient experience. The application enabled patients to access mental healthcare services anytime, anywhere, through their smartphones. 

How Velotio Made a Difference

Built a robust and fault-tolerant mobile app that streamlines bookings in a short span of 3 months.

Delivered connected experiences for patients and therapists in over 500 locations by ensuring seamless data synchronization and storage.

Resulted in a 65% increase in DAU (Daily Active Users), adding to the overall revenue and a significant increase in engagement rate.

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