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UI/UX & Digital Experience

Digitally Transformed a Multi-tenant Legacy App for a SaaS-based Solutions Leader in the GovTech Space

About This Project

The client was looking for a strategic tech partner to help them tackle the challenges with their existing products.  

The challenges included: outdated systems causing aggravated security threats, a common lack of integrations leading to poorer flexibility, and existing products lacking responsiveness/intuitiveness.

Velotio, with its depth of expertise, created a dedicated core engineering team to rebuild the entire backend and UX from scratch using modern frameworks. We made a next-gen platform for the client that could also support a suite of other allied products.


UI/UX & Digital Experience


About the Client

Our client is a leader in delivering SaaS-based solutions to governments and local municipalities, enabling them to effectively execute and manage crucial programs. These programs enable local agencies to manage their assets better and serve local citizens through technology-based solutions.

Headquartered in Oakland (CA), the client company was founded in 2000 with the help of retired city managers and Silicon Valley technologists who had a vision for improved workflows and greater efficiencies within public agencies. With close access to the customer base, their team developed software exclusively for this domain and continued to implement best practices that extend the platform's value.

Understanding the Challenge

Our client built a multi-tenant SaaS solution that helped local government bodies to operate on violations coming under the city jurisdiction. They faced a peculiar problem managing the code base within the existing app (called the legacy app). The legacy app was built on a non-scalable architecture and, over time, became vulnerable to the ease of feature releases. Code management became a pain area that directly impacted the feature releases and bug fixes.
They examined the issue and listed the following performance concerns that needed to be addressed immediately:

  • The product required a redesign/release from scratch to a more digitally scalable modern UI to support devices like iPads and an efficient UX aligned to user demographics. 
  • There was a critical need to integrate GeoServer into the App to support Geospatial parcel files and layers that would help customers quickly gather data on a particular location faster.
  • Some exclusive features like issuing fines, generating notices, and decreasing the case to local courts if citizens don't comply with the violations were required. 
  • They wanted customizable and easily configurable workflows to cater to the needs of each customer (a local government body).

The client needed an effective engineering partner who could strategically brainstorm a suitable roadmap with their development team and technologically steer them to an agile model with faster release cycles. They were looking for a team who could own the end-to-end development and delivery.

“ Working remotely requires a certain level of trust, and Velotio has undoubtedly earned ours. The team works well using an agile approach, as their efforts have fostered increased output with each sprint. The team is dedicated to maintaining a consistent communication plan. They have proven to be trustworthy and talented, making for a successful partnership.”

Josh Volpert, Product Manager, SaaS-based solution provider

How We Made It Happen

The client chose Velotio as its strategic engineering partner because of our in-depth expertise in full-stack development, digital experiences, and UI/UX design. The client wanted to grow and stabilize the current infrastructure as soon as possible. 

However, there were some challenges they faced, like: 

  • The product offered easy-to-use solutions to complex problems that the Code Enforcement officers deal with. 
  • It heavily depended on GIS technologies. 
  • The product had always been multi-tenant, so there have been relatively new integrations across different technologies. 

Velotio’s team took on all the challenges that came in the way of rebuilding the platform to its more customizable and stable version within the expected timeline.
The team comprised a product owner, software architect, full-stack engineers, UX designers, and QA.

  • Firstly, the team brainstormed how they could overcome the challenges posed by the client and then, defined a proper infrastructure architecture to achieve the desired output. 
  • The Product Owner and Designer started working on the wireframes assuring quick turnaround with daily round-ups. 
  • Team Velotio used different technologies for the frontend and backend to address the complexities of both areas.
  • The team used Node.js as a backend server, AWS for storage/development, and GeoServer for hosting Geospatial data. 
  • Team Velotio used React for building the web application, MapBox for managing map data, and AWS S3 for deployment. 

Our agile methodologies and latest technologies helped the client to enhance product performance. The team worked in multiple phases.

Phase 1 – Rebuilding the existing Code Enforcement (CE) product:

  • Velotio’s development team rebuilt the Code Enforcement (CE) product that configured and managed the codes within the agency. We built CE from scratch, which allowed us to achieve greater compliance faster. 
  • The new version of CE eliminated earlier issues like non-scalable architecture, unorganized legacy code, and independent code. 
  • The rebuilt version of CE lets agencies create cases by adding a location or dropping a pin on the map, upload documents and files to the cases, and manage the case through case lifecycle management. 
  • With all these new features in place, the users could create a case within 90 seconds, compared to the previous 3> minutes. 
  • The main highlight of this phase was the improved version of UX to another level in segregating product configurations for Agencies.
  • A separate UI App has been hosted for Comcate Users to configure Agencies for different tenants per their needs (Comcate Admin Panel). As part of this App, Comcate Admin can also log in to the tenant agency app to configure internal configurations. 
  • The user Management Module was also completely revamped with a new UX to let the users easily configure User Permission. Introducing predefined Permission Roles (roles with a combination of highly used permission sets that can be directly assigned to users) increased the application's adaptability considerably. There was a 15% boost in onboarding new clients. 

Phase 2:  Citizen Request Management (CRM):

  • This phase included building the Citizen Request Management (CRM), where citizens across themselves can log the request/complaint with the agency.
  • The CRM proved to be a powerful tool to increase citizen engagement with faster issue reporting.
  • 25+ agencies are now using the CRM product.

Phase 3: Working on smooth third-party integrations

  • This phase involved adding integrations with external products like ClearPoint, Survey Monkey, Mitel, Cityworks, and many more that give more analytical insights, customer feedback, and easy collaboration with 3rd party teams.
  • This made it easier for the agencies using some of these tools to get onboarded. The external product integrations were seamless and hassle-free.
  • The release of this phase helped the client capture a new market segment by onboarding customers already using some of the other code enforcement products. 

Phase 4: Building a better version of the map view

  • This phase was a bigger version of the map, letting the users view the cases on the map view.
  • With the heavy volume of cases being created daily, plotting cases on the map was challenging regarding quicker response time for the cases to be viewed. 
  • This was achieved by cleaning up some technical debt and using the cluster view logic to display the cases based on the users' zoom level. As the users zoom in/out of the map, the number of cases would increase/decrease - thus avoiding unnecessary load on the API.
  • The users were then able to view the cases on the map at once, which helped them to plan their inspections in a way which were nearby to one another - thus increasing the case closure time frame for the agency. 

The Velotio team combined its technical expertise with the client’s product vision to launch new programs faster and transform municipal service delivery. At present, we are working closely with the client to develop custom solutions to support their growth and stabilization of the current infrastructure. Since we were aggressive in rolling out the new fracture, exploring new technologies, and implementing better features in each sprint, we have seen much faster release cycles.

How Velotio Made a Difference

Successfully delivered a suite of 3 products and new features every sprint to production for almost 80 sprints.

With the successfully built modernized infrastructure, replacing the earlier legacy software, the client could onboard more than 50 new active agencies. Some of these had more than 500 internal users.

By releasing the 2nd phase, the customer gained 500 daily active users (DAU) and 1000 user sessions on tablets.

After building a custom-built platform, the client could achieve 5 integrations with external products, including survey tools, an external CRM application, and Data Ticket, a fines management tool.

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