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Enabling Digital Transformation for India’s Top Automotive Company to Improve Scalability & Drive Revenue

About This Project

The client sells high-end bikes through their exclusive dealership showrooms all across India. The objective was to enhance customer acquisition, improve the supply chain and the service processes at the client's end. They wanted to significantly optimise their sales cycle efficiency at all their dealers' locations.


Web App Development


About the Client

Our customer is an Indian multinational automotive manufacturing company and a leading manufacturer of bikes and three-wheelers.

Understanding the Challenge

As one of the first automobile manufacturers in the country, the client had established a strong presence in the industry but was looking to leverage modern technologies for a competitive edge. However, their internal teams were functioning with limited technical capabilities and had high dependency on legacy systems.

Additionally, the client catered to a diverse range of stakeholders (dealers, consumers, and operation managers), and there was a prominent communication gap between them. This critical challenge required immediate attention and as a solution, multiple new systems/ process automation had to be implemented.

Customer Acquisition

The client required help creating a customised process to be deployed across Pro-Biking showrooms. The aim was to improve the sales cycle at dealers' locations and enhance customer experience through showcasing demo rides and product presentations. The initiative entailed collaboration with the finance and marketing departments to achieve optimal results.

Dealers' Satisfaction

Dealers faced several challenges that required immediate attention and resolution.

  • As new models were introduced, Vehicle mechanics needed upskilling and custom training for new models. There was a need for a platform that could manage and track the training.
  • They wanted a system to facilitate spare part dealers across the world to order spare parts for two and three-wheeler. 
  • When spare parts were discontinued by the customer, dealers were left with dead inventory, which other dealers could potentially utilise. However, there was no existing communication system to facilitate such transactions.
  • A dedicated platform through which dealers could raise grievances was necessary to resolve their issues effectively. 

Logistics and Operations

Their dealers were facing problems with timely deliveries of vehicles as well as inventory management. 


The client sought to establish a robust system for monitoring the status and location of consumer and auto finance proposals. The objective was to enhance processing efficiency and reduce follow-up time. Additionally, their finance department encountered challenges related to monitoring defaulters, assigning recovery agencies, and tracking the recovery process.

Customer Service

They required a relationship management and ticketing system for their customers. In addition, they needed a web-based application that facilitates vehicle owners to schedule service appointments.

Working with Velotio has definitely accelerated our digital transformational journey. Their valuable expertise has helped us streamline our operations and tackle the bottlenecks faced by our customers and dealers. They were able to solve so many of our problems. We had a great time working with them.

VP Tech, Multinational Automotive Manufacturing Company

How We Made It Happen

We set up a team of 12 people including engineers, tech leads, backend developers and QAs to develop a customised and scalable solution to address the challenges faced by multiple stakeholders. The main goal was to enhance the client’s service level across the board, leading to better acquisition rates, improved customer satisfaction, and seamless communication.

Customer Acquisition

  • New platform features were implemented to streamline the decision-making process, allowing for quick comparison of loan schemes from various finance companies with spot approval capabilities.
  • We made enhancements to the platform - enabling the creation of loan cases, conducting credit checks, and generating approval letters for seamless vehicle delivery. A CRM module was also set up to facilitate effective follow-up.
  • We deployed a platform in 35 Pro-Biking showrooms across the country to showcase Pro-Biking presentations, Bike features, Reviews and TV Ads. It further recorded visits, booked test rides and generated customised quotations based on the consumer requirement.

Dealers' Satisfaction

  • A system was implemented to generate daily spare-part catalogues for each SKU and country from SAP while providing suggestions for alternative parts for end-of-life (EOL) components. The system facilitated order tracking directly from SAP.
  • To address the issue of dealers being left with obsolete inventory after the customer discontinued certain spare parts, a Matching Engine was established. This automated system matched customer inquiries with a dealer's available stock, allowing for potential auctions and cross-selling of dead stock among dealers.
  • A Dealer Grievance and Issue Management platform was set up to enable dealers to raise queries effectively. This system ensured that queries reached the appropriate officers, provided status tracking, and offered timely solutions.
  • The implementation of a Dealers' Training Management system ensured efficient training and management of employees. Managers could nominate individuals for training programs, analyse training gaps and employee performance, and access employee training history. The system also facilitated the scheduling of training programs based on training gaps and nominations from different states/regions.

Logistics and Operations

The new system facilitated the seamless uploading of monthly national sales plans for various models. It allowed for easy updates of truck requirements from plants/depots and the addition of truck schedules to ensure even distribution of dispatches. The new solution also enabled the timely updating of truck arrival schedules at different regions. Moreover, it provided transporters and dealers with the ability to plan effectively and book orders in advance.


The new platform can manage easy financing options from monitoring the proposals' location to tracking the loan proposals' status. It enabled loan officers to locate process bottlenecks and get faster approval details.  

Customer Service

We set up a Call Center and Customer Self-Service Application. It acted as a standard CRM application that helps in monitoring SLA. With the new application, the engineering department could receive feedback and improve the design; the service department could easily arrange dealer employee training, and the production department could do better planning of the spare parts. 

How Velotio Made a Difference

The customer saw a significant rise in customer and dealer satisfaction levels. Dealers can now cross-sell and auction potentially dead stock, maximising their utilisation and the dead inventory is no longer wasted.

Notable improvements were observed in customer acquisition and retention rates, indicating enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The faster disbursal of loans resulted in an increase in sales, as customers were able to complete the purchase process more efficiently.

The implementation of a relationship management and ticketing system in a span of 12 weeks which contributed to an improved customer experience, streamlining interactions and addressing customer needs more effectively.

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