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Helped a Wealth Management Startup in Building Intuitive Mobile App for Financial Planning

About This Project

The client was looking for a strategic tech partner with extensive mobile app development expertise to build an intuitive financial planning mobile application for iOS and Android devices.

The primary objective of the project was to create a mobile application that would provide a simple and easy-to-use interface for investors to plan their long and short-term investment goals, determine their investment and portfolio performance, asset allocation, cash flows, individual investment profile, and use strategies and recommendations to assess maximum outcomes.

Leveraging their deep domain knowledge, team Velotio developed a next-generation financial planning application with a clean and straightforward user interface. The high-quality standards of the app meet the client's requirements and exceed user expectations.


Digital Transformation
UI/UX & Digital Experience


About the Client

Our client is an India-based investment research and wealth management startup founded in 2010. The company comprises a team of stock market enthusiasts, financial advisors, and technologists who share a vision of providing superior advisory services around investing principles, lessons, money management, and more.

The company offers a comprehensive investment research platform with original research, opinions, and strategies for understanding, trading, and investing in the Indian financial markets. Additionally, they provide a fintech-enabled, SEBI-registered portfolio management service that utilizes online goal-based financial planning to customize each user's investments according to their needs.

Their algorithms allow switching between recommended debt and equity based on market conditions and user preferences. The investment options include the Surge India, Momentum, Index Market, and Long-Term Debt Portfolio. Our client's platform offers various investment choices and personalized strategies to help users achieve their financial goals.

Understanding the Challenge

The client approached us with a clear vision: to create an intuitive and easy-to-use finance planning app that would cater to the needs of modern users who prefer mobile applications. Our task was to transform this vision into a fully functional and user-friendly app, covering every aspect of its development journey from start to finish.

However, the path to building the app end-to-end had certain challenges.
Some of which were – 

  • RazorPay Integration - The client faced challenges integrating the RazorPay payment gateway with React Native SDKs. The SDK did not support complete custom payment UI handlings with React Native SDKs. The Velotio team had to conduct extensive research and work with the client's SDK team to get the Beta version for use, develop on top, report for issues faced while integrating the SDK, and get those cleared.
  • Biometric Authentication - The client faced similar challenges with Biometric Authentication libraries in React Native that could offer similar features as the native ones. Team Velotio had to dive deep into the current open-source React Native Biometrics library code base to look for enhancements needed for their requirements and further analyze and implement those accordingly in the project.
  • Time and Resource Constraints - The client decided not to use the Native versions of these libraries and develop bridges to integrate them into the React Native codebase. Instead, they wanted to save time and resource costs and complete the 1st MVP as soon as possible. This approach also posed challenges for the Velotio team to implement customizations to the SDKs and libraries to suit their project requirements.

“Team Velotio did a great job! Their team handled the requirements, updates, and queries well and was always in sync with our roadmap and goals. We are delighted with their work and how they managed it throughout the journey, and hopefully, we will get a chance to work together soon.”

Product Manager, Investment Research and Wealth Startup

How We Made It Happen

Velotio’s team took on all the challenges heads on to build an all-new finance planning application to its most stable version within the expected timeline. The team comprised a Lead/Senior Developer, a Product Manager, Junior Developers, and QA. 

The team followed a systematic process to develop the mobile application, starting with research and analysis of the domain, framework, SDKs, and third-party libraries. 

The project was broken down into sprints and milestones, with a two-week sprint duration. The team began by developing the base of the app, with a focus on core and independent features like a portfolio with debt and asset allocation view, reports, support, settings, etc.

After developing each feature, Velotio requested feedback from multiple stakeholders and continuously worked on building a better app.

The client could build the required product quickly by utilizing agile methodologies and the latest technologies. Here’s how the team operated in various phases.

Phase 1 - Research and Analysis:

  • Exploring the domain and understanding the framework, SDKs, and 3rd party libraries.
  • A query-solving session with the client for a detailed understanding.
  • Studying existing competitors in the market.
  • Reviewing existing progressive web app.

Phase 2 - Sprint Planning:

  • Breaking the project into sprints with a duration of 2 weeks/sprint.
  • Determining milestones for each sprint.

Phase 3 - Development:

  • Developing the base of the app.
  • Reviewing Figma designs for a user story/expectation match.
  • Working on user stories and task allocation.
  • Developing core and independent features of the app.
  • Requesting feedback for each feature from multiple stakeholders.
  • Moving to more advanced features like reports, add funds, auto-debit, strategy, listing and allocation, investment, and risk profile definition.
  • Focusing on the integration of BE APIs for end-to-end functioning.
  • Working on 3rd party integrations like CMS, Firebase, and Mixpanel Integration.

Phase 4 - Testing and Support:

  • Thoroughly testing all builds.
  • Providing support when required to ensure no discrepancies are observed.
  • Ensuring client satisfaction throughout the project.

The Velotio team combined its technical expertise with the client’s product vision to develop the MVP and get it to the market faster.

We were able to deliver the project with a lot of good and impactful features like:

  • We built the app user interface using an Atomic design pattern, which allowed for a more modular and scalable design approach. By breaking down the user interface into small, reusable components, the Atomic design pattern helped improve the overall consistency and maintainability of the app's design.
  • Biometric Authentication - Fingerprint and face ID authentication for both Android and iOS applications.
  • Dashboard provides a quick view of users' current value and investment performance with graphs, cashflows, etc. 
  • Portfolio View for a detailed view of debt/equity allocation.
  • Add Funds providing support for UPI, Netbanking, and IMPS.
  • Strategy View provides a list of strategies for selection and asset allocation.
  • Profile View with the ability to manage your risk/investment profile. 
  • Old memos are fully integrated, with new memos showing every month. 
  • Settings - Push Notifications & Nudges for a more personalized view and investment reminders. 
  • Support for instant connect with CM Sales/Support team for any queries 
  • CMS Integration was fully integrated, which helped to provide the easiest way to add/manage the app's content. 
  • Deep linking - Deep linking to the Dashboard, custom articles, and more directly from email and web links
  • Mixpanel Integration to track and analyze user activities and app performance.

The project was completed within six months, meeting the client's requirements of providing an intuitive and user-friendly solution. The application was launched in January 2023, and it received positive feedback from users.

The Velotio team maintains that the mobile app is up to date with the latest industry standards, enabling rapid and automated releases of new features.The client chose Velotio as its strategic engineering partner because of our in-depth expertise in mobile app development, digital experiences, and UI/UX design. 

How Velotio Made a Difference

Team Velotio had the first MVP ready in just 8 weeks.

The mobile app provided direct access to user data and investment tracking, making it convenient for users who prefer mobile apps over web apps.

We built the app user interface to an Atomic design pattern, which allowed for a more modular and scalable design approach.

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