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How Velotio Modernized Legacy Systems to Improve Patient Engagement and Workflow Management for a Health-tech Company

About This Project

The client was looking for a technology partner who could help them add new integrations and broaden the functionality of their existing technology solutions. The aim was to improve the overall process monitoring systems and communication between stakeholders. Operating in a heavily regulated industry like healthcare, the client wanted to choose a partner with the right mix of experience and expertise.


Digital Transformation
Mobile App Development
Web App Development
Chatbot Development


About the Client

Our client provides technology solutions and services to the healthcare community worldwide. With their software systems, they aim to improve healthcare outcomes and make communities safer with timely, informed emergency responses.

Understanding the Challenge

The client is an industry leader, offering a range of services and functionalities to enhance patient communication and workflow management. They offer appointment management solutions through various built-in workflows via messages and IVR. However, with a growing user base, the client’s primary challenge was to maintain patient engagement through efficient communication, appointment management and seamless interaction between patients and medical staff. 

Their existing systems required enhancements to handle increased patient loads, integrate with Electronic Health Records (EHRs), and offer an exceptional user experience. Moreover, the client sought to elevate other services, including broadcast, live chat, and chatbot, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to overcome challenges like low throughput and success rates.

They aimed to establish an in-house process monitoring system to effectively address daily workflow challenges. For instance, the monitoring system should possess the intelligence to preemptively notify users about misconfigured workflows prior to their activation. They also needed a migration tool to tackle challenges related to high onboarding time and high data misconfiguration chances.

Velotio’s team has flawlessly executed the planning and upgrade of our system without causing any disruption to our users. The entire process was meticulously executed with a detailed rollback plan, comprehensive testing, and a well-coordinated deployment strategy.

VP, HealthTech Company

How We Made It Happen

We assigned a team of 11 engineers, including Tech Leads, Full Stack Developers, QA specialists, and a Technical Writer. Our team brainstormed ways to tackle challenges and define an exhaustive infrastructure architecture to meet the business objectives.

We identified that the client was struggling to maintain their knowledge base documentation and release notes. There was a huge backlog of documentation that needed to be updated and published. They were also facing challenges with their legacy .rst-based files which were becoming increasingly difficult to manage. 

We worked closely with their team to assess their needs and develop customized solutions. We started by clearing the backlog of site updates, ensuring that all their knowledge base documentation and release notes were up-to-date and accurate.

Next, we migrated their legacy .rst-based files to a modern XML-based system. This migration involved translating all existing documentation into the new format, as well as creating new documentation to fill any gaps. Our team worked closely with the client’s product teams to ensure that the new system was fully integrated into their existing infrastructure. This resulted in improved quality and accuracy of their documentation.

Focus Area 1: New tools

Communication Enhancement Tool:

We created a comprehensive communication tool that integrated with EHRs such as Epic and Athna NextGen. This tool facilitated appointment reminders, rescheduling, and patient queries via SMS. Our focus was on creating a seamless and automated patient interaction experience.

Live Chat Application:

To improve patient-agent interactions, we developed a live chat portal. This enabled real-time communication between patients and agents, allowing patients to ask questions and agents to assist in resolving queries. The portal improved patient experience and reduced response times.

Broadcast Feature:

Our team introduced a broadcast feature to efficiently send mass communications to patients. This feature allowed automated messaging for important announcements, such as COVID-19 updates or vaccine availability. By automating broadcasts, we improved information dissemination and patient engagement.

Process Monitoring Tool: 

We successfully integrated New Relic, Azure Monitors, and PagerDuty into the Kubernetes and Azure environments, significantly boosting monitoring and alerting capabilities. This integration offered real-time visibility into infrastructure, application, and service performance, allowing proactive identification of bottlenecks and disruptions. PagerDuty, combined with Azure Monitoring provided urgent alerts via phone calls for immediate action, while lower-urgency alerts are sent through email or mobile notifications. This comprehensive setup enabled swift addressing of issues, provided real-time insights, and ensured seamless operations, resulting in enhanced user experience.

Scheduler Enhancement Tool:

We enhanced the patient onboarding process with a scheduler tool. It enabled patients to schedule, confirm, and cancel appointments efficiently. We optimised the scheduler for scalability and integrated it with their existing systems.

Migration Tool:

To assist the client in onboarding new customers, we designed a migration tool. This tool allowed easy transfer of data and configurations between environments, reducing setup time and minimizing errors during customer transitions.

Virtual Agent Chatbot:

We integrated a virtual agent chatbot for patient interaction. This AI-powered chatbot assisted patients in appointment scheduling and provided quick responses to common queries. The chatbot seamlessly integrated with live chat for agent intervention when needed.

Aside from developing new tools, the team integrated a range of functionalities to ensure the client is able to provide superior technology solutions to its customers. 

Focus Area 2: Enhancements 

Conducted Vulnerability Scans:

We integrated SonarQube and Snyk into the Azure DevOps pipeline to bolster code quality and enhance security measures. This setup automated comprehensive code analysis and container scanning. SonarQube identifies bugs and vulnerabilities, enabling early mitigation, while Snyk detects and addresses container image vulnerabilities, ensuring application security. By leveraging these tools within the Azure DevOps pipeline, we were able to significantly improve code quality and reinforce the security posture of our software development lifecycle.

Integrated JIRA ITSM for Process Management:

We streamlined our DevOps using JIRA ITSM as our ticketing tool. Through this, the Developers could easily raise and assign tickets to the DevOps team, promoting seamless communication and collaboration. The tool's urgency levels allow prioritization, and clear SLAs ensure timely response and completion.

Improved Network Security:

We enhanced network security by implementing Azure Firewall, Web Application Firewall (WAF), and Bastion in the infrastructure. Azure Firewall helped centralizes traffic control and threat prevention, bolstering security, while WAF protected web apps from attacks, filtering traffic in real-time. Azure Bastion offered secure remote access. Together, these components strengthen security, mitigate risks, and ensure peace of mind against unauthorized access and threats. We leveraged the robust security features of Microsoft Azure, to implement comprehensive controls and measures, adhering to the stringent requirements of the HITRUST framework.

Ensuring cost optimization:

Leveraging the power of Terraform, we orchestrated a highly resilient and scalable infrastructure, ensuring seamless provisioning and maintenance. We implemented Velero to enable reliable Kubernetes backups and restores, minimizing downtime in the event of a disaster for kubernetes deployments. Next, we integrated Azure MySQL region restore which allowed us to replicate critical data to another region. 

How Velotio Made a Difference

Increased patient engagement and satisfaction with automated appointment reminders and easy communication.

Saw a 63% reduction in the First Response Time (FRT) through the live chat application, leading to quicker query resolutions.

Enhanced workflow visibility and optimization through the process monitoring tool, reducing errors and bottlenecks.

The migration tool simplified patient onboarding and appointment scheduling with the scheduler enhancement.

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