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How Velotio Set Up Global Delivery Center for a Smart Access Solutions Leader

About This Project

Our US-based client was planning to set up a Global Delivery Center (GDC) in Pune, India - to tap into newer markets. They selected us as their offshore development center specialist due to our proficient recruitment team dedicated to hiring engineering talent across India and our well-equipped software development infrastructure.


ODC Setup


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About the Client

Our client is a global leader in providing smart access solutions across residential and commercial properties. Their products are found in millions of residential and commercial access applications across the globe. The client also pioneered vehicle-to-home connectivity through patented technology aboard hundreds of millions of vehicles. Their pioneering products and services are powered by a technology ecosystem for seamless, secure access to homes and businesses. 

Understanding the Challenge

The client, headquartered in the US, had been serving millions of residential and commercial users with smart access solutions. They were now looking to set up their office in India for which they needed a reliable and experienced partner to help them set up operations in a seamless manner. They wanted to leverage Velotio's existing facility for the GDC setup, which would enable them to kick-start operations immediately. We initiated discussions with the stakeholders to identify their requirements and respond to their queries related to differences in culture, practices and policies. During our discussions, we identified and listed down some clear objectives that needed to be achieved to set up the client’s brand in India and to ensure a smooth transition. 

These included: 

  • Talent Acquisition: The client wanted to build a dedicated engineering team and was looking to attract and recruit the right talent from the right talent pools across India. This was crucial for maintaining the centre's competitive edge.
  • Onboarding, Training, and Mentoring: We needed to develop comprehensive onboarding, training, and mentoring programs, with the additional need to document and transfer these programs effectively for sustained quality as well as seamless transfer.
  • Policies and Practices: Developing policies and practices that could not only support high retention rates but also enable scalability of operations was another critical objective. Ensuring that the workforce remained engaged and committed was of utmost importance.
  • Purpose-Built Infrastructure: Selecting the right location and setting up purpose-built infrastructure was vital to align with the client’s branding objectives and facilitate a smooth transfer process when the time came.
  • Brand Differentiation: The client wanted to ensure that their brand identity remained distinct while using our services. Strategic brand-building initiatives, such as social media coverage and hackathons, while maintaining the client’s unique identity, posed a challenge. We needed a solid strategy to attain this delicate equilibrium.
  • Expert Ecosystem: The success of the centre relied on a robust ecosystem of experts for hiring, onboarding, training, and continuous support to prevent potential failures. Our objective was to establish and maintain this network.
  • Decision-Making and Center of Gravity: Enabling efficient decision-making and smoothly shifting the centre's operational gravity towards the client was extremely critical for independent functioning. This shift required strategic planning and execution.

How We Made It Happen

Our goal was to build a GDC on the BOT (build, operate and transfer) model as the foundation of an engineering COE. To establish the client’s brand in India, we started by deploying a team of recruiters. The team’s primary objective is to expedite the hiring process by selecting top-tier candidates from our carefully screened talent pool. 

Our solution is built on five key pillars.

  • Tailored brand strategy crafted with the right location, desirable neighbours, compelling EVP, brand narrative, and best practices.
  • A comprehensive playbook documenting proven methods for talent acquisition, retention, and productivity optimization, which could be handed over to the client for a seamless transfer in the future.
  • Expert team of brand champions leading the brand narrative, recruitment processes, onboarding, and ensuring initial GDC success.
  • Swift deployment of a senior team of 15-20 resources from our talent pool for immediate kick-start without delays.
  • Innovative "top of the pyramid" model was adopted to boost productivity and minimise attrition during the GDC's foundational years, underlining our commitment to results.

Sourcing of Talent:

We employed a multidimensional approach -  We combined physical and virtual hiring drives for swift onboarding. 

  • Leveraging renowned hiring platforms, including Naukri, Instahyre, AngelList, and LinkedIn, we cast a wide net to attract diverse talent. 
  • For technical roles, we organised HackerEarth to identify top-tier candidates. 
  • LinkedIn Ads were strategically employed for highly targeted hiring.
  • In our pursuit of specialized expertise, headhunting techniques were used to identify senior professionals and niche skill sets. 
  • We set up an enticing employee referral program, offering bonuses which encouraged our team to actively participate in talent acquisition.

Onboarding and Retention

  • The core onboarding team establishes & documents comprehensive onboarding & orientation programs in collaboration with the client’s team reflecting company culture, values, and mission.
  • A mentor or buddy is assigned to new hires to provide guidance and support during the onboarding process. 
  • Shadowing opportunities are offered for smooth ramp-up.
  • Processes are set up for regular feedback and check-ins to ensure that new hires are adjusting well and have the necessary resources to succeed.
  • Training and development opportunities are provided to help new hires acquire new skills and knowledge.
  • Frequent opportunities are provided for new hires to connect with senior leadership to learn about the company's vision and strategic direction.
  • We set up systems to highlight career growth opportunities and career paths within the organization to motivate and retain new hires.

Brand Building & Awareness:

  • We organised frequent meetups & niche knowledge-sharing sessions to foster a strong community of tech personnel for the client.
  • We leveraged billboards across Pune to attract potential candidates and boost the client’s brand retention.
  • To tell our client’s brand story effectively, we've created an engaging Culture book, which was made available for free on the website and various social channels.
  • We consistently highlight the client’s culture and the people behind their success on multiple social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and through blog posts and Glassdoor reviews. This comprehensive approach ensures that the brand resonates, attracts top talent, and maintains a strong, distinctive presence in the industry.

How Velotio Made a Difference

Set up the Pune Innovation Centre to onboard a team of 150+ engineers to build the next generation of smart access products.

Helped in sourcing top talent and tapping the right talent pools.

Developed a micro website for accelerating hiring.

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