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How We Are Helping an Ed-Tech Startup to Scale Operations and Drive Revenue through Web App Development

About This Project

Our client is an Ed-tech startup that coaches students/professionals to achieve their dream jobs in MAANG companies. Their Knowledge Hub platform gives a smooth learning experience to students and professionals. The platform provides access to videos, code complex problems, live classes, and mock interviews. They were looking for a partner to scale their application with advanced features, reduce the costs and optimize tools. Leveraging our proven expertise and experience in digital transformation, we successfully enhanced the platform on various fronts like core product development, numerous integrations, bug fixes/maintenance, and deployment automation. Our work with the client has resulted in exemplary customer satisfaction and substantial improvements in application performance.


Web App Development
Frontend Development
Backend Development
Digital Transformation


About the Client

Our client is a Professional Training and Coaching company based in the United States. With an impressive track record spanning over 7 years, they have effectively trained over 15,000 professionals. Their knowledge hub application is meticulously designed to support professionals and students in acquiring knowledge, honing their skills, and excelling in rigorous interviews at esteemed Tier 1 and Tier 2 companies. The application offers a wide range of courses, including Software Development, Tech Management, Data Science, and Systems Courses, along with invaluable assistance for mock interviews. Our client's primary goal is to empower individuals to pursue their career aspirations with leading technology companies.

Understanding the Challenge

Our client, a company with a relatively small team of 15–20 engineers, faced challenges in effectively managing their operations. They were looking for a partner to assist them achieve the following objectives:

  • Enhance the application by incorporating new features and implementing automation to ensure inclusivity and reach a wider audience.
  • Deployment of a pager duty application (alerting software) for immediate automation whenever the production environment experiences downtime.
  • Integration of email marketing tools, ticketing systems, payment systems, and other essential tools to ensure a comprehensive customer experience.

“Velotio's technical proficiency is truly remarkable, with their help, we could scale the application with multiple features. In no time we achieved 99% SLA and our CSAT score soared to 90%. The application is now more robust, efficient, and user-friendly than ever before. Velotio has been instrumental in propelling our growth rapidly across the design, engineering, solution, and support phases.”

Product Head, US-based Ed-tech startup

How We Made It Happen

We collaborated with the client as their strategic engineering partner owing to our extensive expertise in Product Engineering and Digital Transformation. 

We assigned a team of 1 Technical Lead, 4 Sr. Software Engineers, 5 Software Engineers, and 3 DevOps Engineers. Our Team conducted a thorough analysis of the existing applications and closely collaborated with the client to identify areas that needed improvement. With meticulous planning and successful execution, we completed the project within 3 months. We successfully unraveled one of the significant challenges by automating the application through a complex Terraform script.

To enhance the application, we implemented the following enhancements on the Platform

  • We created a Data tool for critical data management that boosted functions like archival, search, backup, disaster, recovery, and analytics. 
  • Students were losing their course progress data due to some technical challenges. To overcome this, we created a migration script that helped retrieve the lost data of respective students’ progress.
  • We revamped the platform's UI and additionally refactored the old APIs to make them compatible with React.
  • We simplified the Single sign-on feature and completely bypassed the tedious onboarding process.
  • A new feature was added called Free Offering. With this feature, the users could try the platform for a limited period, eventually simplifying the onboarding process.
  • We added a few coupon codes to the platform that gave the students some discounts and flexible payment options.
  • We made several enhancements to the mock interview feature that significantly improved the application. Furthermore, we created team SWAT to monitor the production-level issues. The team focused on fixing critical bugs, maintaining the platform, and dealing with production-level issues. The SWAT team brought down production-level bugs from 100 to 2. 
  • Initially, the platform lacked the functionality to include different geographies. However, we enriched the platform to make it more inclusive and cater to a broader audience.

To provide a superior customer experience, we integrated 5 crucial tools into the Platform

  • HubSpot CRM - We integrated HubSpot, a sales marketing tool, with the application to make the customer experience seamless.
  • WhatsApp - We Integrated WhatsApp to facilitate easy communication between Students & Professionals
  • Eduvanz - This integration enabled students to make payments through low-interest loans conveniently.
  • Vimeo - By integrating Vimeo, we enhanced the application's ability to create and edit videos seamlessly.
  • Zendesk -This integration facilitated easy access to tickets raised by students, ensuring quick resolutions.

How Velotio Made a Difference

Successfully achieved a 99% Service Level Agreement (SLA), resulting in a significant boost to the Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score, which reached an impressive 90%.

Accomplished a remarkable 50% improvement in delivery performance by upgrading the APIs.

A notable increase of 25-30% in pipeline runs, leading to further enhancements in the Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline.

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