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How We Helped an EdTech Company Facilitate a 25% Budget Boost and Achieve a 30% Surge in Operational Excellence

About This Project

The client is an Ed-tech company that equips individuals with the tools to assist in their upcoming career growth. In their recent expansion, they acquired several startups and wanted to onboard these products in their existing platform. To make this execution smooth, they were looking for a partner with highly skilled engineers who follow scrum methodologies. Leveraging our proven expertise in Product Engineering and Scrum practices, we integrated multiple new products into their platform in 8 weeks. We helped the customer on various aspects like software development, front-end, back-end, cloud integration, quality assurance, and project management.


Backend Development
Frontend Development
Product Engineering
Full-stack Development
UI/UX & Digital Experience


About the Client

The customer is a US-based Ed-tech company founded a decade ago. They are dedicated to helping job seekers successfully navigate career changes and stand out in today's fiercely competitive job market. The company provides various services and products, including professional resume writing, expert CV crafting, interview preparation coaching, express job hunting, and personalized action plans for interview success, all tailored to meet each customer's unique needs. 

With 2000+ career experts and over 5,000 career site partners, they have impacted over 25,000,000 individuals. With an ever-evolving suite of technology-enabled career services, they have secured funding of US$1.8 million.

Understanding the Challenge

The customer's platform is a vital resource for individuals seeking assistance in resume writing, CV reviews, interview coaching, and resume posting. In their recent endeavors to expand platform capabilities, they ventured into acquiring several start-ups within their industry. They intended to integrate these new products into their platform's roadmap seamlessly.

During this process, they encountered challenges as the acquired start-ups required more technical expertise. This resulted in acquisition process gaps. With our collaboration, they aimed to bolster their technological capabilities, refine project management, and enhance software quality. The overarching project had the following primary objectives - 

Technical Proficiency - The client sought developers with expertise in Golang, Ruby on Rails (RoR), and React to tackle many facets of their software applications. This specialized skill set will be indispensable in continuously developing, maintaining, and optimizing their intricate technology infrastructure.

Efficient Project Management - The client was in search of a skilled Technical Project Manager with the proficiency to implement Scrum methodologies and adeptly manage a team of 22 engineers within a dedicated business unit. The primary objective was to streamline project management procedures, enhance team productivity, and ensure the timely delivery of exceptionally high-quality software products. 

Enhancing Quality Assurance - To establish robust quality assurance processes, there was a need for a Senior QA Engineer. The primary emphasis was elevating the overall quality, bolstering reliability, and refining the intricate testing procedures in the software applications. This aimed at creating an environment conducive to an enhanced user experience and decreased software-related issues, thus fortifying the platform's reliability and performance.

“Velotio’s remarkable technical expertise across GoLang, RoR, and React, coupled with their project management skills, is exemplary. The successful integration of numerous products into our platform has received overwhelmingly positive user feedback.”

Project Lead, Ed-tech Company

How We Made It Happen

The primary objective was to seamlessly enhance the platform by integrating new products with minimal disruption. Leveraging our technical prowess and a team of adaptable developers well-versed in Scrum methodologies, we eagerly embraced this challenge.

Our partnership with the customer commenced in February 2023. The Project was started with one Technical Project Manager overseeing the Project and six developers. We thoroughly understood their business requirements and conducted an in-depth analysis of process gaps to formulate a comprehensive action plan.

For the past six months, a Senior QA Engineer, Senior React Engineers, Senior Ruby on Rails Engineers, and two Go Engineers have been part of the project. These engineers have enabled effective handling of diverse product development requirements across different business units.

Here's a breakdown of our contributions to the project's success - 

Technical Expertise -  Velotio assembled a skilled team of engineers with demonstrated proficiency across Go, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Elixir, React, and more. Their profound technological acumen helped develop and continuously maintain the software application.

Full-Stack Development - A group of engineers, including Senior React Engineers and Senior Ruby on Rails Engineers, managed the front-end and back-end development aspects. This comprehensive full-stack proficiency granted complete command over every aspect of the application, from refining the user interface to orchestrating the intricacies of server-side logic. It also helped the team with a clear understanding of the application's architecture and functionality.

Specialized Skills - The inclusion of Go Engineers was pivotal in handling specialized tasks and intricate components that demanded meticulous programming. This helped customize solutions precisely and meet the project's distinct requirements.

Cloud Expertise - Leveraging AWS, our engineer's skillfully integrated functionalities like seamless email delivery, efficient message queuing, and the implementation of serverless computing. The adept use of cloud technology proved to be instrumental in enhancing the platform's infrastructure and performance.

Quality Assurance - With the Senior QA Engineer, the project instituted exhaustive testing procedures to assess the software's reliability and functionality. This helped deliver a highly robust and dependable product, ultimately elevating the user experience to the highest level of satisfaction.

Project Management - The Technical Project Manager orchestrated project planning, streamlined coordination, and facilitated client communication. This ensured the project adhered to its prescribed trajectory, consistently achieving crucial milestones.

Highly effective planning techniques were introduced, and some software process improvement strategies were implemented to achieve operational excellence. This holistic approach enhanced diverse business units, thus improving efficiency, transparency, and overall project success.

Enhanced Scalability and Performance - By utilizing cutting-edge technologies like Redis and RabbitMQ, our engineers built a system with unprecedented scalability and peak performance capabilities. This robust infrastructure adeptly managed the surges in user traffic and data, ensuring a seamless and responsive user experience even during periods of high demand. This innovative approach to scalability and performance optimization helped the platform with resilience and improved its capacity to excel in the most demanding operational scenarios.

To summarize, we assisted the customer with a highly skilled and versatile team capable of addressing various aspects of software development. We also introduced new processes and expertise to the organization, which helped our counterparts learn new perspectives.

Tech Stacks

Languages - 

  • Go 1.17
  • Ruby 2.7.4
  • Ruby on Rails 6.1
  • Elixir 1.13
  • React 17

Front-end Deployment - 

  • Vercel 24

Database - 

  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL

Other Technologies - 

  • Redis (a key-value store often used for caching and data storage)
  • RabbitMQ (a message broker for handling asynchronous communication)

AWS (Amazon Web Services) for various services, including - 

  • AWS SES (Simple Email Service) for sending emails
  • AWS SQS (Simple Queue Service) for managing message queues
  • AWS Lambda for serverless computing tasks

How Velotio Made a Difference

“Seamlessly Integrated 13 products from multiple start-ups in a mere span of 2 months and enhanced the platform’s capabilities.”

“With early delivery on integrating new products in the platform, we facilitated a 25% increased budget approval from investors for the year ahead.”

“Achieved a remarkable 30% increase in Operational Excellence by introducing one-of-a-kind planning techniques and software process improvement strategies.”

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