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AWS Infrastructure Setup & Automation for early stage Real Estate Tech Startup

About This Project

The client wanted to accelerate its business growth by overhauling its entire infrastructure. Their goal was to develop high-quality code, increase scalability, and improve release times while better managing costs. Velotio was able to help them ​​Standardized Infrastructure design and streamline all changes using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools and Gitflow processes. This reduced overall infrastructure cost by 60% and improve the quality of releases leading to an increase in business agility.


Cloud & DevOps
UI/UX & Digital Experience


About the Client

The client is a fast-growing Real Estate Tech company in Southern California. The customer has distributed engineering teams across the US and the globe. The customer has several award-winning products and services catering to the realtors.

Understanding the Challenge

The client had manual release processes, non-standard infrastructure architecture across all the products, error-prone scripts for infrastructure management, and tribal knowledge limited to a few individuals. These factors were limiting the customers’ ability to develop high-quality code, work at scale, improve release times and manage costs. In turn, this slowed down business growth. The customer finally decided to engage with Velotio - a leading Cloud & DevOps practitioner to overhaul their entire infrastructure.

They were facing many challenges with the current state of affairs.

  • The overall infrastructure was split across multiple cloud providers including Heroku and AWS.
  • Each application and its associated environments had different architecture with limited or no documentation.
  • Most of the processes around maintenance, management, and releases had little or no automation.
  • Monitoring, Alerts, and Remediation for the applications were not set up correctly and prevented the ability to take preemptive measures.

“Velotio has been instrumental in our adoption of DevOps and Continuous Delivery transformation. They quickly set up a team of software devs and DevOps architects with expertise across various platforms and toolsets. Our team enjoyed working with Velotio's DevOps team. It felt more like a partnership where Velotio's team was genuinely interested in understanding and solving our challenges than just working with another Vendor.”

Chief Technology Officer, Real Estate Tech Startup

How We Made It Happen

After the review of the challenges and business issues Velotio’s team of Cloud & DevOps architects implemented the following changes:

  • Standardized all the infrastructure to one cloud provider - AWS
  • Define and implement a Service Architecture for the production environments- All infrastructure is defined as code using Terraform and Ansible. Additionally, GitOps was implemented to track changes to the infrastructure.
  • The environment is secure with restricted access using strong IAM policies,  VPNs, and using Hashicorp’s Vault to store secrets.
  • Strong Monitoring practices were implemented including Log monitoring, Metrics monitoring with Alerts to notify the Support team for remediation.
  • Velotio also set up a Continuous Integration & Delivery pipeline for each product line. The pipeline consisted of unit tests, functional/integration tests, static code analysis, linting, and build promotions across QA, Staging, and Production environments.
  • Velotio adopted best practices like right-sizing server sizes, Spot Instances, and Reserved Instances to reduce overall AWS costs.

How Velotio Made a Difference

Moved customer from Heroku to AWS without any disruption.

Reduced architectural and operational costs by 62.7%. Set up failure detection algorithms, anomaly detection, and alerting mechanisms for easy monitoring and to ensure bottlenecks are detected proactively.

The 6-month release cycle was finally replaced with the daily release cycles enabled via Continuous Delivery and infrastructure automation processes set up with AWS.

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