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Revolutionizing Media and Entertainment Industry with the Power of Generative AI

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Leverage our expertise across the AI spectrum to craft exceptional media and entertainment products using our tailor-made AI models and solutions. We have partnered with high-growth startups and enterprises to develop generative AI solutions that elevate content creation, production, and management, foster improved audience experiences and boost monetization capabilities.

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Begin your AI journey with Velotio's end-to-end product development services, covering everything from conceptualization to seamless integration into your existing infrastructure.

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What sets us apart?

Deep domain Knowledge

We have worked across video streaming, broadcasting, OTT, video conferencing, connected audio and home entertainment industries to deliver next-gen media offerings.

Agile Development

We use agile methodologies for product development to rapidly design, build, launch and scale technology. Our team of experts are setup as a mix of PMs, engineers, QAs, data architects and DevOps experts.

Faster Speed to Market

Leveraging our technical prowess and dedicated engineering pods across multiple domains, we have been collaborating with ISVs, product companies, startups & Scale-ups to ideate, build, and launch market-ready new products & digital solutions blazing fast.

Security and Compliance

We prioritize security at every stage of product development and ensure continuous surveillance to mitigate potential risks. With our expertise across industry standards like GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA we ensure achieving holistic compliance monitoring across product lifecycle.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Velotio Technologies holds regular meetings and uses various project management tools to track progress. The team works hard and is dedicated to the project's success, making them reliable and effective.

Media Company
Founder & CTO

"The Velotio team is very hands-on and experts in Generative AI products. We wanted to set up a standardised evaluation system but didn’t know how to go about it. The Velotio team owned the whole process, from creating a roadmap to flawlessly developing our Grader MVP in a short span. We were quite impressed with the outcome and how it solved many issues, our educators faced."

Ed-tech company

"Our collaboration with Velotio has been nothing short of exceptional. Their team seamlessly integrated with ours, quickly grasping our needs and providing valuable insights and suggestions. In just three weeks, they delivered a platform that far exceeded our expectations in terms of performance and flexibility. Their agile approach enabled us to launch the platform on time. What impressed us the most was their team's ability to communicate effectively, ensuring that everyone was on the same page throughout the entire development process. This level of transparency and collaboration significantly contributed to the project's success."

California based Technology startup based
Head of Product Strategy

"Team Velotio has played an exemplary role in elevating our Low-Code platform. They skillfully integrated our objectives and their technical competencies to infuse AI capabilities into the platform. Since then, we have assisted multiple customers in developing applications with lightning-fast development cycles. We look forward to bringing numerous use cases to life and creating endless possibilities through the platform."

India-based IT Giant
Head of Product Strategy

Case Studies

Velotio built a ChatGPT-inspired app in 3 weeks and boosted the productivity of business users by 20x.

A pioneering technology startup based in California had raised $4.5 million in a seed funding round to build a cost-effective, scalable and efficient BPA (Business Process Automation) platform. They wanted the platform to help enhance the productivity of business users by creating automated processes. We quickly built a serverless system (inspired by ChatGPT) that leverages generative Al to automate complex business processes and workflows using English as code in just 3 weeks.

Global users were served within 72 hours of the launch with 99.8% uptime.
Increase in customer retention due to outcome accuracy, efficiency, and ease of use.
Increased productivity reported by business users.

Attained a 20% faster Development Time and amplified the speed of experimentation by 2x using Generative AI + Low Code

The client is an IT behemoth, specializing in delivering cutting-edge digital services and consulting to fortune 500 companies. Notably, they have harnessed the power of SaaS-based low-code platforms, enabling their customers to deploy robust tools and construct entirely new applications effortlessly. Recognizing the need to speed up the app development process to bring numerous use cases to market quickly, they approached us to infuse generative AI capabilities in their low-code platform. Leveraging our strong partnership spanning over 4+ years, we successfully developed an AI-based code generation platform and integrated it with their low-code solution. We transformed the platform into an all-encompassing solution within a mere span of 12 weeks.

Amplification in the speed of experimentation
faster Development Time for Web/Mobile Applications
customers onboarded post-integration

Enterprise-ready private and data secure self-serve platform to enable Partners and Vendors with effective interactions and actions

Our customer is one of the world’s leading agriculture companies. They have 53,000 people in more than 100 countries and are working to transform how crops are grown. Their solution enable millions of farmers around the world to make better use of limited agricultural resources. Velotio introduced effective interactions for customer’s partners and vendors by reducing the query response times and time to action and OpenAI into their tech paved path. We deployed Custom Secure Enterprise OpenAI and executed a ServiceNow knowledge base integration and helped model train 550 documents with over 300k data points.

improvement in query resolution time
accuracy on top 150 FAQs
increase in actionable

Developed an Al-powered EssayGrading Solution for an EdTechcompany

The customer reached out to us to addressthe challenges educators face in the gradingprocess. They wanted a solution that couldhelp optimally use educators' time andeliminate issues pertaining to mechanical andtime-consuming tasks. Additionally, they wereaiming to implement a standardisedevaluation system to ensure better efficiency.We built a solution to evaluate the essays onthe parameters including structure, coherenceand rubrics to meet the requirements ofdifferent academic levels and disciplines.

reduction in averagegrading time with the newEssay Grader MVP
accuracy in evaluatingessays based on rubrics

Generative AI and AI/ML Solution for generating insights for all product data

The customer provides a decision Intelligence engine which delivers fast, comprehensive, actionable insights on all of the data with AI/ML-powered automated analytics. The platform is purpose-built to reveal, interpret, and deliver statistical insights for everyone to know what’s happening with their business metrics and helps customer's analyze data 80% faster. Velotio helped the customer with B2B enterprise SaaS development, building AI/ML Insight generation engine, integrating OpenAI and LangChain, building 2-way Looker integration to achieve 60% faster and optimized NL interface.

Data sets are model trained with data sets variations
Solution development time
Improvement on customer engagement

How Velotio Helped a HealthcareStartup Build a Chatbot for Supportusing ChatGPT

Our customer is a leading US-based mentalwellness company helping 100k MAU findtherapists and get treatment for mentalillness. They tasked Velotio to redesign theircustomer support bot pertaining to itsincapability to understand and handle 87% ofincoming queries. We built a custom Chatbotusing Dialogflow and trained it with internalsystems like EHR, CRM, and Salesforce. Weintegrated ChatGPT to generate customresponses using custom business logic. Wetested the platform with a sample set of usersbefore rolling it out to multiple locations, all ina span of few weeks.

Improved Firstresponse time (FRT)and First contactresolution rate (FCR)
Queriesre solved in <1mins 30 sec
Better engagement rate and satisfaction rate
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