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HIPAA Compliant Kubernetes Platform For Healthcare Startup

About This Project

The client wanted to set up their entire application stack on a HIPAA-compliant cloud-agnostic Kubernetes platform on AWS and Google Cloud Platform. Velotio was able to successfully set up the production environment in a record time of 2 months. The automation using Terraform enabled their teams to easily set up additional environments across AWS and GCP by just running a command.


Cloud & DevOps
UI/UX & Digital Experience


About the Client

The client is in the healthcare space where it is building an open intelligence system and lets medical professionals and trainees everywhere collaborate. The non-profit organization is financially backed by leading venture firms like Union Square Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz.

Understanding the Challenge

The client wanted to set up their entire application stack on a HIPAA compliant cloud-agnostic Kubernetes platform on AWS and Google Cloud Platform.

A few critical challenges were:

  • The application consists of Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Kafka, Redis, PostgreSQL, and Python-based Application servers. The customer would like to set up all the components on Kubernetes using DevOps tools like Terraform. The customer would like to manage their infrastructure via code and the ability to quickly spin up environments for Staging, QA, etc.
  • The Kubernetes environment should be production-ready with strong resilience, elasticity, and observability. The production environment should always be HIPAA compliant.

“Velotio has displayed strong Kubernetes knowledge. Their team understood the requirements and was quickly able to come up with a well-architected solution. For us, Time was of the essence to deploy the new platform. Velotio understood the need and worked round the clock to get the new platform to production in record time.”

Chief Technology Officer, Healthcare Startup

How We Made It Happen

  • Velotio chose Terraform as the DevOps tool of choice and automated the entire environment setup. Velotio leveraged the Consul for service discovery and inter-service communication.
  • Observability: Velotio setup cluster and application monitoring using Sysdig and Prometheus. Velotio setup logging using Elasticsearch, Fluentd, and Kibana. To create a unified dashboard for telemetry and logs, Velotio set up Honeycomb - a popular observability solution.
  • Resiliency: Velotio setup regional multi-zonal clusters ensuring Kubernetes nodes and the services are running across multiple zones.
  • Elasticity: The team set up node pools with auto-scaling enabled. This ensures all that nodes in each pool can scale based on the load. Additionally, each node and the services have the right labels, taints, and tolerances to ensure efficient scheduling of workloads across nodes.
  • Cloud agnostic: Velotio abstracted away cloud-specific functionality by writing wrapped scripts on top of Terraform providing cloud-agnostic interfaces to easily deploy and manage their Kubernetes cluster and the applications.

How Velotio Made a Difference

Our team completed the entire production environment set up in 2 months.

Enabled team to set up additional environments across AWS and GCP with just one command.

Setup easy to manage, monitor, and predictable environment.

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